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How Ishow Hair is Revolutionizing Wig Wear for Black Women

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How Ishow Hair is Revolutionizing Wig Wear for Black Women

July 10
16:12 2024

Growing up as a Black woman, I’ve always had a complicated relationship with my hair. It’s not just about style or aesthetics; our hair is deeply intertwined with our identity, our culture, and our sense of self. Like many of my peers, I spent years struggling to conform to European beauty standards, chemically relaxing my natural curls and dealing with the damage and loss of confidence that came with it.

How about trying WIGs? Well, at first, I was skeptical. I had seen too many women wearing wigs that looked fake, uncomfortable, and just not quite right. But as I dug deeper, that thought was totally out of my mind – wigs could be so much more than a mere accessory. They could be a tool for self-expression, a way to embrace your versatility and reclaim your power.

As you know, people always want to seek some uniqueness to prove themselves after knowing a new area, let alone the wig relates largely to our appearance and beauty. Also, the options on the market are very limited for black women, so I can only depend on myself to style the wigs. That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands. After realizing the problem, I started watching YouTube tutorials, and tried to master the art of wig styling. I spent countless hours learning about different hair textures, densities, and lace types.

Fortunately, all this hard work paid off. I remember the first time I tried to style a loose body wave wig with a partingmax C part following the video guidance, and I succeeded in playing with different parting styles and using a curling wand to add more definition. That was such a wonderful experience; until now, I can recall the excitement. After that, I tried more, or sometimes I would style the wig based on my own thoughts. I have tried various braided hairstyles on a barbie blonde wig, such as fishtail braids, French braids, and regular braids, and paired them with scarf accessories. Honestly to say, that’s a nice try.

But, problem still exists. Even as I grew more skilled and confident in my wig choices, I still faced challenges. Many of the wigs I tried were made from synthetic fibers that looked shiny and artificial. Others had lace that was too thick or too light for my skin tone, making it obvious that I was wearing a wig. Also, I’ve encountered the issue of it being quite cumbersome to wear. At that time, I was like, “Oh my god, if I had bought something this tough from the beginning, I might not want to touch wigs anymore.” And then there was the constant maintenance – the washing, the styling, the gluing, and the inevitable shedding. But, beauty always needs to pay. If you pay a certain amount of time and money, you may eventually get something someday. Ishow at this time appeared in front of my eyes. From the moment I visited their website, I could tell that this was a brand that understood the needs and desires of wig enthusiasts like myself.

What Is Ishow Hair?

Founded in 2007 by Kevin Zheng, Ishow Hair was born out of a desire to make the wig-buying process easier and more accessible for everyone. Kevin, who had years of experience running human hair retail stores in MEIBO City, noticed that customers often wasted time and energy trying to find the perfect wig. He wanted to create a brand that would solve these problems and allow customers to shop with ease and confidence.

What sets Ishow Hair apart is its commitment to creating incomparable 100% human hair wigs and bundles that are easy to wear and low maintenance. Their goal is to inspire women of every age to show their beauty confidently, learn to self-love, and enjoy life. As someone who has struggled with self-confidence and self-love, I really resonate with this mission. Their message is simple but powerful: I SHOW HAIR, YOU SHOW BEAUTY!!!

Why Do I Recommend Ishow Hair?

What I love most about Ishow Hair is that they deal in excellence in human hair. They provide 100% Virgin Human Hair, totally natural, and of high quality. This therefore means it’s a versatile and long-lasting wig that can be manipulated just like your own hair. The first order I ever made from Ishow was a black body wave and straight beginners’ wig. People choose options that are safe and conservative while deciding on unfamiliar brands. This was a Pre Cut type of wig, so I did not have to think much while wearing it. I must say that the whole procedure and the final look were quite smooth.

As a busy woman playing different roles and fulfilling various responsibilities, I also appreciate that Ishow Hair wigs are designed to be low maintenance and easy to wear. Their philosophy-Ready to Wear-means take it out of the box, wear it, and you can go. No fussing or styling-beginners can have a flawless, natural-looking install in seconds. Moreover, since their wigs require very little maintenance, I can stop wasting loads of time worrying about my hair.

But probably what’s most amazing-like, shocking to me-with Ishow Hair would have to be their HD Lace Technology. Among other lace options, which are 7×6, 5×5, and 13×4, are designed for implantation into the skin and to virtually give an undetectable boundary. No one will know that I have a wig, especially when trying some bold style like that red lace front wig. This really lifts my spirits; struggling with the embarrassment and self-consciousness that can come with wearing a wig doesn’t feel good at all. Now, all those worries have disappeared.

End of the Line

In a world that, very often, will try to fit women-especially Black women-into narrow ideals of beauty, Ishow Hair is like a breath of fresh air. They celebrate individuality and beckon every woman to embrace her unique beauty.

Ishow Hair has been part of my journey of self-discovery and learning to love myself. High-quality wigs and engaging in the empowerment of women made me confident, free to express myself in reality. And I know that I am not alone with this.

I want to invite all of my fellow sisters, Black women, onto this journey of discovering and loving themselves. Go to the Ishow Hair website and find your perfect wig. Let that special beauty shine out from you. And if we rise fully within our power and our authenticity, I don’t think anything’s going to stop us then.

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