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With AI as the sail and Social as the rudder, DataStory and brands sail together towards the global market.

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With AI as the sail and Social as the rudder, DataStory and brands sail together towards the global market.

July 09
16:57 2024

Short videos and livestreaming e-commerce have become an overwhelming tide and trend worldwide. They are not only important channels for consumers to obtain shopping inspiration, but also crucial ways for brands and businesses to connect with global consumers. With the continuous development and innovation of technology, the global influence of short video and live streaming e-commerce will continue to expand. In China, there is a data intelligence company with big data and AI as its core – DataStory. With the concept of “Social to Sales”, DataStory aims to use cutting-edge AI technology as the driving force to connect the entire chain of insight, marketing,and conversion, providing intelligent operations and personalized services for more cross-border e-commerce enterprises, so that they can use data to decrease cost, increase efficiency and achieve greater commercial interests.

On July 5th, the DataStory Global exclusive conference hosted by DataStory was successfully held in Shenzhen, with the theme of “Gathering Momentum to Sailing Far, Seeking Growth in Going Global”. At the exclusive conference, DataStory shared the latest paradigm of overseas social marketing, layout ideas for overseas business, growth opportunities for TikTok, and innovative ways for full chain community e-commerce with well-known outstanding brands, cross-border sellers, overseas service providers, industry experts, overseas media and platforms, and other top players in the “going out” circle, and jointly explored new ways for brands to go global and achieve long-term growth.

At the exclusive conference, Dr. Xu Yabo, founder and CEO of DataStory, delivered a speech titled “Gathering Momentum to Sailing Far, Seeking Growth in Going Global”. The overseas strategy of “Social to Sales” with data-driven business growth as its core has a clearer direction. He pointed out that in the international market, Social has become the primary battlefield for brand momentum. The core of Go Global is to focus on overseas social media, make good use of AI’s native cross-cultural advantages, prioritize social data insights to go global, and help brands and sellers quickly understand overseas consumers. At the same time, DataStory will also collaborate with more ecological partners to gather momentum with a strategic height of resource sharing, so that brands can obtain high-quality full chain services more quickly.

So how can brands tell overseas stories, and how can they win the market and hearts in foreign countries? DataStory has pointed out the direction for brands with its innovative solution.

Sun Shujuan, the vice president of DataStory, delivered a keynote speech on the spot titled “The Whole Chain of ‘Marketing’ and ‘Sales’, Adding ‘Numbers’ to Global Business”, and focused on releasing the business blueprint of DataStory Global. Starting from the intersection of new era marketing – Social, DataStory utilize the power of social to deeply explore the data potential of social media and social e-commerce, and focus on the whole marketing chain of “Social to Sales”, providing integrated overseas business services for domestic brand enterprises and cross-border sellers from data insights to marketing planning, influencer networking, public relations activities, e-commerce product selection, and sales conversion.

In order to help Chinese companies build their overseas business more quickly, DataStory launched the “DataStory Global GlodaStory”,a cross platform tool that can use TikTok, Amazon and Douyin’s data to select products. DataStory has a very profound accumulation in the social e-commerce field in China, so the company has taken the lead in choosing to layout in TikTok in the race of going global.

According to Lu Shi Dong, the person in charge of GlodaStory, GlodaStory is a cross-domain big data product selection platform of TikTok, Douyin and Amazon. It has two core functions of ‘Creative Product Selection’ and ‘Market Research’, which effectively help sellers develop their business. At this event, Lu Shidong also introduced two new features of GlodaStory – market segmentation and influencer networking, hoping to provide sellers with a hot product tool from product selection, competition observation to promotion, helping sellers directly reach the core of the market and discover blue ocean opportunities.

In addition, Hao Jiaqi, the overseas e-commerce industry customer manager of TikTok for Business, Shi Yang, the CTO of, and Lazarus, the co-founder of Force Awakens, respectively, provide new insights and market entry strategies for the in-depth layout of cross-border e-commerce in overseas markets from the perspectives of TikTok community e-commerce strategy, how AI accelerates product monetization, and the placement strategy of content cross-border e-commerce.

The new global social e-commerce model led by TikTok marks a new chapter in global branding. DataStory not only provides data analysis tools for Chinese companies, but also becomes their important strategic partner. DataStory will use AI as the sail and Social as the rudder to continuously deepen the “Social to Sales” strategy, and sail with brands towards a broader commercial Blue Sea.

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