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July 05
15:48 2024, the reputed online resource has now released an interesting article on the 7 best ways to prevent or lower hair loss. This write-up will be useful for people facing severe hair loss issues, irrespective of the causes behind it. Maintaining a head full of healthy and luscious locks can be a dream of many, which explains why experiencing hair loss can be frustrating every day. Though losing a few strands of hair while brushing or styling is normal, losing more than a hundred strands consistently means having a scalp with scanty hair. To help people overcome the frustrating issue of hair loss, the website of has released a well-researched article about hair loss and the ways to stop it. You can find several interesting topics to read at the link,

According to the latest post on hair loss at, hair loss is considered the worst enemy and learning a few tricks and tips will help in keeping it at bay. This research-backed article reveals that caffeine can kindle hair growth by penetrating through hair shafts and follicles. Using caffeine nasal sprays can be beneficial for blocking the DHT or dihydrotestosterone effects, as this hormone causes hair loss among people. The write-up also explains how getting enough sleep is essential to prevent hair loss. Having a stress-free sleep cycle will help in maintaining hair health. Massaging the scalp using almond oil is beneficial for inducing hair growth and stopping hair fall.

One can also try mixing 4 tablespoons of henna leaves powder with one cup of mustard oil and heat it until it reaches boiling point. After the oil cools down, strain and pour into a bottle. Use this oil and massage your scalp regularly to promote hair growth at the follicular level. Instead of using chemical-laced shampoos to cleanse hair, using natural ingredients will help avoid hair loss. People must refrain from using shampoos that contain silicones, parabens, and sulphates, as they can affect hair growth and overall health. Switch to natural shampoos to encourage hair regrowth and avoid hair loss. Trimming hair regularly once in a few months will help in quicker hair growth and avoid hair loss.    

When referring to the link at, one would be able to understand the significance of adding more green leafy vegetables as a part of your diet. Consuming food items rich in iron like legumes, meat, nuts, dry fruits and vegetables will also be beneficial for hair growth. People should not consume tobacco-based products or drink alcoholic drinks. To stop hair loss, it is essential to avoid the usage of hair styling products, as they can strip the natural oils found in hair. Limited intake of copper also helps in hair growth and helps prevent hair fall. One can also opt for acupuncture treatment to enhance circulation on the scalp and hair follicles to combat hair loss.  

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