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Merit Teacher Introduces Comprehensive Educational Services Led by Expert Mrs. Priyanka

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Merit Teacher Introduces Comprehensive Educational Services Led by Expert Mrs. Priyanka

July 01
13:25 2024

Merit Teacher, a distinguished educational services provider, proudly announces its wide range of offerings under the expert guidance of Mrs. Priyanka, their esteemed Master Trainer. Mrs. Priyanka brings an exceptional blend of qualifications and certifications, ensuring high-quality educational and psychological services.

Educational Qualifications of Mrs. Priyanka:

BA in Psychology, Economics, and Sociology (Triple Honor Degree) MSc. in Psychology, B.Ed. and M.Ed. Degrees, Diploma in Montessori Education CIDTT (Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers) Certification in Clinical Program in Psychology (A Grade) from Asha Hospital, Institute of Medical Psychology, Counseling & Psychotherapy

Service Offerings:

1. Public Speaking Training for School Students: Mrs. Priyanka offers structured training sessions designed to enhance students’ public speaking skills, transforming them into confident and articulate communicators.

2. Academic Consulting for Schools: With her extensive background in education and psychology, Mrs. Priyanka provides consulting services to schools. She assists in curriculum development, student assessment strategies, and educational program implementation, ensuring academic excellence.

3. Psychometric Testing: Mrs. Priyanka administers psychometric tests, standardized assessments that measure various aspects of an individual’s personality, cognitive abilities, aptitudes, and interests. These tests offer valuable insights into students’ strengths, preferences, and potential growth areas, aiding in informed academic and career decisions.

4. DMIT Training: Comprehensive training and support are crucial elements when investing in DMIT Test Software or a DMIT Franchise. We offer advanced training to our clients, covering various aspects essential for success in the DMIT business.

Here’s an overview of the training provided:

Training Programs:

1. Teacher Training: Merit Teacher delivers comprehensive teacher training programs that enhance educators’ pedagogical skills, classroom management techniques, and understanding of child psychology, promoting effective teaching practices.

2. Public Speaking: Dynamic and interactive public speaking training sessions cater to all levels, from beginners to experienced speakers. Personalized coaching and feedback from expert instructors help participants become captivating and persuasive communicators.

3. English Training: Immersive English training programs are tailored to improve proficiency for academic, professional, or personal purposes. Experienced instructors provide customized instruction to meet specific needs and goals.

Designed to Help Students Realize Their Potential:

Adaptive Curriculum: Creating engaging and interactive experiences by customizing content to each learner’s pace.

Scaffolded Progression: Guiding step-by-step advancement in skills, ensuring progression based on competency rather than time.

Career Path Alignment: Aligning career paths with personality, interests, and strengths, ensuring a better fit and increased job satisfaction.

Multimodal Instruction: Utilizing diverse teaching methods and analytics to tailor instruction effectively.

Cultivating Critical Thinking: Nurturing analytical and problem-solving abilities with continuous evaluation to inform teaching practices.

Professional Counseling: Providing personalized guidance and counseling from experts to interpret test results, explore career options, and create action plans for achieving goals.

At Merit Teacher, the journey is marked by commitment and boundless possibilities for every learner. For more information about services and programs, please visit the website or contact them directly.

Contact them at: +91-9363739535

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