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Lithium-Embedded Battery UPS/ESS by Su-vastika – Leading India into A Cleaner Energy Future

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Lithium-Embedded Battery UPS/ESS by Su-vastika – Leading India into A Cleaner Energy Future

July 01
13:21 2024

The days of dealing with bulky lead acid inverters in our homes, exposing our family members to dangerous gasses and odors that pollute the interior air, are over. Su-vastika Lithium built-in battery ESS provides an All-in-One Lithium LifePO4 battery-powered power storage solution that is not only more powerful but also portable, small, easy on the wallet (cost-effective), and environmentally benign. An ESS is built on a long-lasting lithium-powered battery. Su-vastika’s ESS uses these sophisticated batteries to provide continuous power, faster charging, and increased efficiency. The system also uses Pure Sinewave technology.

Su-vastika’s Accreditations

 CE Certified

  • ISO 9001
  • IEC Certificate
  • BIS Certified Products
  • Govt Recognised Star Export House Certificate
  • Electrical Contractor License
  • Start-up India Certificate
  • MSME Certificate

Applications of Integrated Battery ESS

Su-vastika offers a complete range of Inbuilt Battery ESS/UPS 1P-1P (500VA- 10KVA) that can power all types of loads, including residential, small shops/establishments, clinics, factories, and offices. It is one of the few UPS in the industry that can provide such high backup with such a small battery due to the powerful features of lithium-ion batteries and their compact size. This can also be used for a limited period of time, particularly with generators where people require uninterrupted electricity during a power outage. This works between the Grid and the generators, and there is no changeover time.

Key Attributes of Lithium Technology

  • Battery Life: A longer lifespan (7-10 years).
  • Maintenance: requires no maintenance.
  • Weight: Lighter weight.
  • Efficiency: more efficient (charges faster, takes 3-4 hours, wastes less energy as heat)
  • Discharge Rate: Provides a steady high discharge rate throughout its lifespan.
  • Temperature Tolerance: Works effectively in a larger temperature range (from 0°C to 55°C).
  • Environmental Impact: Considered more environmentally friendly. (No disposal of lead-acid batteries)

Notable Features

There’s no switching time.

Su-vastika’s ESS employs sophisticated Static switches that cut switching time to less than three milliseconds, which is fast enough to prevent a computer and most sensitive equipment from resetting, ensuring clients have uninterrupted power backup. Su-vastika recognizes the power backup needs of its customers across.

Bidirectional technology

Su-vastika’s systems use bi-directional technology, which delivers cleaner and more reliable power output than typical inverters. This can benefit delicate electronics and appliances while also extending battery life.

Inbuilt Isolation Transformer

Su-vastika’s solutions are designed for real-world use. Unlike high-frequency inverters, our system has a critical component known as an isolation transformer. This transformer protects your equipment from the voltage swings, spikes, and surges that are prevalent in impoverished countries with inadequate neutral grounding or unreliable grids. These issues can create faults in normal inverters, but Su-vastika ESS addresses them directly, assuring stable power for your home or company.

Overload Protection

Su-vastika UPS systems include built-in overload prevention. If your gadget detects that it is consuming more power than it can handle, it will alert you with one beep and shut down. This allows you time to lessen the load and keep your electronics working smoothly.

Short-circuit Protection

Su-vastika UPS protects your equipment from short circuits. When it detects a short circuit, it instantly shuts down to prevent further harm. It remains turned off, necessitating a manual restart for safety reasons.

Remote monitoring

Su-vastika has developed a Bluetooth and WiFi app for all its inverters/UPS/Home UPS/Solar Hybrid PCU/ERD/ESS that allows monitoring and operating UPS through the mobile app. This feature has numerous advantages over typical inverters/UPS. Easy installation Remote monitoring Instantaneous data. Digital Warranty Power and frequency information. Shows the charging percentage of the battery.

Automatic Voltage Regulation

Don’t worry about power fluctuations! Our systems function as a silent protector. If the voltage drops or surges above acceptable levels, it seamlessly transitions to clean battery power, preserving your equipment. Whether there is a complete outage, undervoltage, or overvoltage, the built-in UPS/ESS immediately takes over without any manual intervention, ensuring that your activities operate smoothly.

Soft Start

Su-vastika ESS offers more than just backup power; it also protects sensitive equipment. Unlike standard inverters, which produce a sharp jolt of current, our ESS gradually increases voltage when turning on devices for the first time. This prevents dangerous voltage spikes and ensures a seamless changeover. Furthermore, the exceptionally fast changeover time makes your equipment operational even during power outages. This gentle “soft start” technology greatly extends the life of your costly equipment.

Economic Benefits of Lithium Battery ESS Over Traditional Lead Acid Inverters

A built-in SMF battery and a lithium BESS have a 50% price difference, but the life is five times longer than that of a battery of the same capacity. The life of a Lithium battery is more than 12 years for home and office backup purposes because the cycle life of a Lithium LifePO4 battery is 3000 cycles, as opposed to a Lead Acid battery, which has a maximum cycle life of 400 cycles, assuming proper maintenance, such as filling the battery with water and topping it off on time. Lithium has 6 to 8 times the life cycle of a tubular battery, which has a lifespan of 12 years and requires the replacement of at least four lead acid batteries. So, the cost of 5 lead acid batteries versus one lithium battery is too cheap.

If the comparison is made, the cost of a 70Ah Lithium battery to a 150Ah tubular battery is around 30 to 40% higher at first, but the life is at least four times longer. Therefore, Lithium wins in terms of pricing.

Mentored by Mr. Kunwer Sachdev, a renowned figure in the Indian power industry, Su-vastika leverages his 30 years of expertise to deliver cutting-edge inverter technology. It should be noted that Suvastika is mentored by the Lithium Man of India, Kunwer Sachdev, who was also the founder of Su-kam. However, he has no relationship with Su-kam in any capacity and is not associated with any of Su-kam’s products.

Digital Warranty

Su-vastika introduces a digital warranty for inverters, which is a fantastic, revolutionary, and thoughtful idea. Su-vastika’s digital warranty is linked to the microprocessor on the PCB Mains card for the entire range of inverters, UPS, online UPS, solar hybrid PCU, ERD, and ESS.


The warranty can be easily accessed by connecting your inverter to a computer using the Su-vastika Bluetooth/WIFI app or a data transfer cable. Su-vastika’s Digital warranty is calculated using a descending order approach, with units indicated in months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

The warranty begins only when the Inverter is linked to the battery and ends when the battery is unplugged from the Inverter. This addresses one of the most common issues about traditional warranty structures. With this strategy, the guarantee is valid as long as the inverter is actively in use, regardless of the reason for its temporary disconnection, such as the inverter or battery failing or the owner going on vacation.

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