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Grand Opening of MAPPE 2024 Milan International Art Week by ISOLART Team

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Grand Opening of MAPPE 2024 Milan International Art Week by ISOLART Team

June 26
14:32 2024

On June 3rd, ASSOCIAZIONE NAZIONALE DI BELLE ART D’ITALIA (ANBAI), ISOLART GALLERY and Mucchi International Culture and Art Management Co., Ltd. jointly launched the new exhibition “MAPPE” at the Gli eroici Furori Art Center in the heart of Milan. The exhibition features the remarkable works of 50 renowned and emerging artists from around the world, including Italy, China, the United Kingdom, the United States, and France. Through their unique forms and diverse styles, the artists interpret the theme of “MAPPE” expressing profound understanding, thorough reflection, and humanistic concern for society, culture, and the inner world. The exhibition has received enthusiastic acclaim from the audience.

The exhibition was curated by Yuanqi Cao and co-curator Rossella Tesi Xue Rui. Yuanqi Cao stated in an exclusive interview that the “MAPPE” exhibition aims to reinterpret the concept of “maps” using contemporary art techniques, fostering artistic exchanges across different cultural backgrounds. Here, the definition of maps extends beyond traditional navigation tools to become a medium for exploring and expressing complex concepts. Maps are no longer just physical representations on paper but symbolic tools for understanding current social, cultural, and psychological states. They reflect people’s perceptions and interpretations of various chaotic phenomena in the world and serve as bridges connecting individuals with the external world, acting as navigators between reality and imagination. The over 50 exquisite artworks presented in this exhibition showcase the artists’ creative imagination and unique narrative expressions. Within a specific time and space, artists use various modern art forms to tell and depict stories about people’s perceptions, thoughts, analyses, and self-interpretations of the world, exploring the relationships between physical and psychological spaces, reality, and imagination. Yuanqi Cao mentioned that promoting global cultural exchange has always been ISOLART’s mission. The diverse styles of the artworks by artists from different schools worldwide invited to this exhibition fully demonstrate a unique and profound understanding of the world and mutual learning. Meanwhile Xue Rui made a speech about the theme:we are very honored our Isolart Gallery can hold this exhibition in Milan and collaborate with the heroic fury. Milan is undoubtedly one of the art centers of the world, and this exhibition is also an international exchange. The theme of the exhibition is maps, which for me is not just an image or a geophraphic concept. Through this exhibition, the artists expressed some more poetic, romantic and profound content. From Florence to Milan, I hope that our gallery can continue to collaborate with good artists all over the world in the future.

Curator Yuanqi Cao

The Italian art community highly praises the exhibition for its profound artistic conception and its significance in transcending time and space. Numerous top-tier artists attended the event, including renowned Italian photographer and artist Antonella Gandini, famous Italian director and photographer Ilvio Gallo, contemporary art historian and artist Roberto Pupi, leading figure in contemporary art movements Walter Puppo, contemporary Italian artist Corrado Agricola, well-known Italian director and producer Duccio Ricciardelli, Italian photography artist Sonia Marin, and French contemporary artist Kaouteur Souibgui. Additionally, two emerging contemporary artists from China, Tinchan Cheung and Yumeng Yang , were also present.

When standing before the exhibited works, viewers can feel that the artists, through various forms of art such as painting, sculpture, photography, and video, deeply challenge traditional thinking, open up broad perspectives, and interpret the elements influencing the magical changes in the world and the causes of human survival transformations. This achieves a surreal interaction between nature and society, thought and existence. “MAPPE” here has transcended its literal meaning to become a source of inspiration for artistic creation and a metaphysical symbol for exploring stories of time and space.

Group Photo of Participating Artists and Curatorial Team

Participating Artists

Corrado Agricola – Stefano Borghi – Aria Chi Yan Chan – Tinchan Cheung – Xiaolu Zheng & Jinxiu Chen – Lefan Feng – Antonella Gandini – Xiaoya Gao – Emma Gu – Mathijs Hunfeld – Ying Jiang – Sophie Dezhao Jin – Mengzhu Li – Ming Li – Mingrui Li – Kuan Li – Simin Li(little dinosaur)- Weiqing Li – Jenny Ping Lam Lin – Ji Liu – Shuyi Liu & Yachu Feng – Liu Xia – Sonia Marin – Silvia Noferi – Yi Ouyang – Roberto Pupi – Walter Puppo – Huizhong Ren – Duccio Ricciardelli – Diweilong Shi – Kai-Chuan Shih – Dezhi Song – Kaouteur Souibgui – Chongzheng Tan – Charles Chao Wang – Lingyi Wang – Mi Wang – Senlin Wang – Chenlu Xiang – Yiqun Yang – Yumeng Yang – Shuran Ye – Zhixuan Ye – Mia Zhang – Ming Zhong – Songzhu Zhou – Weixin Zhu – Yingying Zhe

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