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New Website Launches to Spotlight Israel’s Leading Energy Companies

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New Website Launches to Spotlight Israel’s Leading Energy Companies

June 25
19:55 2024

Tel Aviv, Israel – A comprehensive new online resource,, has launched today, offering detailed insights into Israel’s most prominent energy companies. This website aims to become the go-to platform for information about the key players shaping Israel’s dynamic energy sector. provides:

  • In-depth profiles of major Israeli energy companies, including their history, leadership, financial performance, and current projects
  • Up-to-date industry news and developments, with daily updates on regulatory changes, technological breakthroughs, and market shifts
  • Expert analysis of market trends and innovations in both traditional and renewable energy sectors
  • Detailed information on renewable energy initiatives and Israel’s progress towards sustainability goals
  • Interactive maps of energy infrastructure and resources across Israel
  • A directory of energy startups and emerging technologies in the Israeli market

“Our goal is to create a centralized hub of knowledge about Israel’s energy landscape,” said spokesman of “Whether you’re an investor, researcher, industry professional, or simply an interested citizen, our site offers valuable data on the companies driving Israel’s energy future.”

The website currently features detailed information on companies involved in:

  • Natural gas exploration and production, including major players in the Mediterranean gas fields
  • Solar and wind energy projects, highlighting Israel’s growing renewable sector
  • Energy storage solutions, showcasing innovative battery and thermal storage technologies
  • Smart grid technologies and energy efficiency initiatives
  • Nuclear and fusion research projects
  • Water-energy nexus innovations, including desalination and hydroelectric power also offers:

  • A weekly newsletter summarizing key industry developments
  • Webinars and virtual events featuring energy experts and company executives
  • Resources for students and researchers, including data sets and academic papers
  • A job board for energy sector employment opportunities in Israel

“As Israel continues to establish itself as a leader in energy innovation, especially in cleantech and renewable resources, we believe will become an essential resource for anyone interested in this vibrant sector,” added the spokesperson.

The website is now live and free to access. Premium features, including in-depth reports and exclusive content, will be available through a subscription model starting next month.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact:

About is an independent, non-governmental platform dedicated to providing comprehensive, accurate, and timely information about Israel’s energy sector. Founded in 2024, the website aims to promote transparency, foster innovation, and facilitate connections within the industry.

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