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Tianjin International School Event: Wellington College Tianjin Career Fair 2024

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Tianjin International School Event: Wellington College Tianjin Career Fair 2024

June 14
21:12 2024

From Ms Karen Shi
Director of International Curriculum Centre
University Counsellor 

The Wellington College Tianjin Career Fair 2024 was a huge success, inspiring pupils to explore various career opportunities and drive their futures towards their dreams. The fair was a platform for networking with professionals from diverse industries like Pharmaceuticals, Law, Art and Innovation, Manufacturing, Technology, Software, and Sports Management, providing fresh insights into the career world and its impact on society.

The speakers at the event shared their personal experiences, career journeys, and the essential qualities required to excel in their respective fields at this international school in Tianjin.

Wellington College International Tianjin

Ms Rebecca Li, a senior partner at a PRC law company, highlighted the privilege of lifelong learning and engaging with outstanding people from diverse industries.

Mr Nandy, an IT professional with 24+ years of vast experience, shared his “Path of 4Ps(Passion, Purpose, Perspective, Plan)” with pupils, emphasizing the importance of passion, anticipation, prioritizing values, and meeting customer needs and market demands.

Wellington College International Tianjin

Dr Li, from United Family Healthcare, spoke about the essential qualities required to be a successful doctor, with empathy being a key trait needed to help others. 

Mr Zhao, a former swim coach now turned IRONMAN, shared how his interests led him to establish a brand and manufacture a professional swimsuit.

Wellington College International Tianjin

Ms Qi, an experienced HR manager, enlightened pupils about company values, social responsibility, and encouraged them to do work that matters. 

The rapid development of artificial intelligence has become one of the main trends of this era. However, the career fair of this top international school in Tianjin aimed to inspire pupils to think beyond the limitations of technology and discover the broader significance of their careers. The career fair raised questions like whether a career is just a way for individuals to work and make money or if it has a broader significance in society. The event has left a lasting impact on our pupils, encouraging them to think critically about their career choices and strive towards making a positive impact on society.

From Michael (Year 10)

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a transformative technology that has the potential to revolutionise various aspects of business operations, and that has been reflected in my discussion at our career fair. 

For instance, Caterpillar Tianjin Ltd., being a construction, mining, and other engineering equipment manufacturer, is working on utilising AI to better maintain their devices and using generative AI to work efficiently with massive amounts of proprietary information.

Axius software, being a technology company, is also employing large amounts of resources in research and development on AI. They provide ‘data-driven solutions’, to help their clients identify business growth and cost-saving opportunities.

As a student, this inspires me to continue learning more about AI and how it can help business in the modern world. It is an exciting field that is worth exploring further.”

From Stacy (Year 10)

“I learnt about the variety of options that are available for me to choose from in the future. I learned about industry trends and customer service strategies from the business representatives. From the lecture, I gained insights on sustainability and corporate social responsibility in business practices.”

From Kai (Year 11)

“From the professor who gave a lecture about bioengineering, I learned a lot of things about the link between biology and engineering such as not only can biomedical engineering help people with physical disabilities, but it can also help people with cognitive disabilities by using AI. This is what he does as a professor. I was very impressed with the things he has accomplished, and I again promised myself that I will do something similar to help other people in the future.”

From Alina (Year 12)

“I talked with a young professional who has her own clothes brand in France. What impressed me the most was when she said that ‘we must keep our own style, as it makes our work more attractive’.  I asked her what should be done if there is no personal style, and she said that ‘not having a style is also a style’. This strengthens my determination to express my voice in artistic creation.”

Regarded as the best international school in Tianjin, Wellington College Tianjin is thrilled to see its pupils reflecting on their strengths and potential while connecting their interests with career choices. The Wellington College Tianjin Career Fair 2024 has provided a platform for them to explore various career opportunities and gain fresh insights into the impact of their chosen profession on society. Some pupils have reaffirmed their career goals and beliefs, while others have discovered the potential benefits of utilising AI in the world while maintaining a steadfast belief in the importance of human innovation. Pupils from Wellington College Tianjin have demonstrated their motivation to pursue fulfilling and socially responsible careers, and it is proud to have played a part in their journey.

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