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Su-vastika’s New 10 KVA Solar MPPT Hybrid PCU is a Leap Forward in Energy Management

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Su-vastika’s New 10 KVA Solar MPPT Hybrid PCU is a Leap Forward in Energy Management

June 06
17:50 2024

Su-vastika, the leading power storage solutions provider, proudly unveils its latest innovation in solar technology: the Solar Hybrid PCU MPPT 10KVA with 9.6KW Lithium ion battery bank. This groundbreaking product is expected to change the game in terms of power stability and energy efficiency for both homes and businesses. The new unit has integrated solar power conditioning capabilities, which position it to provide a dependable and affordable energy management solution.

At the heart of the Solar Hybrid PCU MPPT 10KVA, sophisticated Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology maximizes solar energy conversion into electricity, guaranteeing peak performance even under variable sunlight conditions. The system effectively blends stored energy with grid electricity to deliver uninterrupted, steady power.

The Solar Hybrid PCU’s user-friendly LCD display offers real-time insights into its functions and system status indications for power load control, grid connection, and charging status. Its extensive protective features, including temperature management, overload protection, and low battery warning, make it reliable and secure in various settings.

The device operates on a single-phase input and produces a steady single-phase output while closely regulating the frequency at 50 Hz to maintain a precise 220V output. Its pure sine wave output guarantees compatibility with any type of electrical equipment and guards against potential damage from power variations.

The Solar Hybrid PCU stands out due to its strategic approach to energy usage. By giving priority to solar power for both load operation and battery charging it greatly reduces dependency on the grid and lowers energy costs. With a powerful 9.6 KWh capacity, the system’s lithium batteries provide extended power availability during blackouts.

The Solar Hybrid PCU MPPT features remote monitoring capabilities via WiFi and Bluetooth for improved user convenience. This allows for effective system administration from a distance. Those in charge of several installations or those who need operational flexibility will particularly benefit from this feature.

Su-vastika’s latest product is perfect for areas where power outages frequently occur, as it offers a smooth power backup option while supporting environmental sustainability. It represents a major advancement in enabling consumers to optimize their solar energy usage and save on operating expenses.

Now available through Su-Vastika’s broad distribution networks and online, the Solar Hybrid PCU MPPT 10KVA with 9.6 KW lithium battery bank is a distinguished choice for cutting-edge, reliable, and efficient power management solutions. With this groundbreaking launch, Su-vastika continues to advance solar technology, assisting clients worldwide in achieving greater energy independence and sustainability.

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About Su-vastika

Mentored by Mr. Kunwer Sachdev, a renowned figure in the Indian power industry, Su-vastika leverages his 30 years of expertise to deliver cutting-edge inverter technology. It should be noted that Suvastika is mentored by the Lithium Man of India, Kunwer Sachdev, who was also the founder of Su-kam. However, he has no relationship with Su-kam in any capacity and is not associated with any of Su-kam’s products.

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