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WingFly Textile Co.Ltd Revolutionizes Fashion with New Selvedge Denim Fabric and WingFly Denims

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WingFly Textile Co.Ltd Revolutionizes Fashion with New Selvedge Denim Fabric and WingFly Denims

June 04
21:44 2024
Introducing innovative textiles, WingFly Textile Co.Ltd unveils its latest collection featuring high-end selvedge denim fabric and neppy denim material, setting new standards in the premium denim industry.

Wingfly Textile Co. Ltd, recognized for its expertise in premium selvedge denim fabric, raw denim fabric, selvedge jeans, and denim clothing wholesale, is thrilled to present its latest high-quality denim collections. Featuring the exquisite selvedge denim fabric, a versatile hemp jeans cloth material, and the robust neppy denim material, Wingfly Textile continues to set the standard in the denim industry.

The selvedge denim fabric, demonstrates the company’s commitment to luxury and durability. This unique fabric showcases gold weft yarns on the backside, making it a compelling choice for high-end denim products. Comprising 72% cotton and 28% polyester, it offers a competitive price and assured quality. The fabric is ready-stocked with various customization options, including different selvedge colors, making it perfect for fashion designers and manufacturers looking for standout materials. “Our gold selvedge denim meets the highest industry standards both in durability and aesthetic appeal, catering to those aiming for excellence in their denim collections,” says Jessica Lai, spokesperson for Wingfly Textile.

The wingfly denims marks another landmark in Wingfly Textile’s offerings. A composition of 45% hemp and 55% cotton delivers the perfect blend of strength and comfort, suitable for all seasons. This white raw denim fabric is prized for its adaptability and suitability for sustainable fashion lines, given its eco-friendly materials. Available with a low minimum order quantity due to stock availability, it offers flexibility for both large and small-scale orders. Customization remains a key feature, with different selvage line colors open for request. “This fabric speaks to the versatility and environmental consciousness of our product lines, ready to meet the evolving needs of the market,” states Lai.

Wingfly Textile also introduces the neppy denim material, emphasizing durability and premium construction. This heavy-duty material is composed of 100% cotton and is particularly suited for autumn and winter collections. Its neppy yarns and yellow/white selvage line not only enhance the visual appeal but also ensure the fabric stands up to rigorous use. With a stock of 839 yards and options for customization, it caters to diverse manufacturer requirements. This neppy denim fabric is the epitome of durability and style, making it an ideal choice for manufacturers seeking to create timeless denim pieces.

Wingfly Textile Co. Ltd thrives on being a holistic provider in the denim industry. With a wide range of premium selvedge denim fabrics, raw denim fabrics, and selvedge jeans, the company has established itself as a one-stop solution. Their wholesale and manufacture services, coupled with custom options, cater to the unique needs of clients across the globe. By cooperating with global shipping agents, Wingfly Textile ensures that orders—whether small or large quantities—are delivered economically and efficiently.

About Wingfly Textile Co. Ltd

Wingfly Textile Co. Ltd excels in offering premium selvedge denim fabric, raw denim fabric, and a broad spectrum of denim clothing such as jeans, shorts, and motorcycle gear. The company specializes in wholesale, dropshipping, and custom productions, serving clients worldwide for several years.

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