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Creative Biolabs Launches Analysis Solutions for Exosomes – The Mediators of Intercellular Communication

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Creative Biolabs Launches Analysis Solutions for Exosomes – The Mediators of Intercellular Communication

May 29
17:21 2024
Creative Biolabs, recognizing the pivotal role of exosomes in intercellular communication, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative exosome research platform.

New York, USA – May 29, 2024 – The newly launched exosome-based platform by Creative Biolabs offers a wide range of services including exosome analysis, engineering, and manufacturing. “Since its inception, our platform has significantly accelerated our clients’ exosome research processes. It is a comprehensive, one-stop solution designed to meet the diverse needs of various experiments,” stated an expert from Creative Biolabs’ exosome research department.

From the beginning, Creative Biolabs has aimed to integrate the latest exosome analysis and manufacturing technologies, particularly focusing on advanced techniques for exosome characterization and their proprietary exosome display solutions.

“We have introduced a novel exosome characterization method based on fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) technology. Unlike traditional methods such as exosome bead flow cytometry and ELISA,” the expert explained, “our optimally configured FACS can characterize exosomes by identifying endogenous membrane components.”

Using FACS technology, the platform accurately detects and characterizes exosome surface markers such as CD9, CD63, and CD81. Combining high-sensitivity and high-resolution flow cytometry with multiplex fluorescent labeling methods, Creative Biolabs provides clients with detailed exosome characterization data.

For surface markers, Creative Biolabs also takes into account exosome characterization via WB (Western Blot). This method helps determine the purity of exosomes, verify exosome markers, and detect display proteins on the exosome surface.

Beyond characterization, Creative Biolabs has developed an advanced exosome display platform that can generate antibodies against various targets (including GPCRs) and display molecules such as therapeutic proteins, antigens, peptides, and targeting ligands.

“One of our key solutions is exosome display-based antibody generation and isolation,” the expert noted. By fusing the extracellular domain of a target protein or receptor with targeting molecules on the exosome surface, tumor biomarkers (such as cytokines) can be effectively displayed to induce specific antibody responses. Displaying integral membrane proteins like GPCRs facilitates drug discovery and high-throughput screening, identifying homologous ligands or small-molecule drugs.

Creative Biolabs’ exosome research platform also encompasses exosome engineering and manufacturing services, including:

* Exosome Isolation: Using ultracentrifugation, ultrafiltration, size-exclusion chromatography, and immunoaffinity capture to deliver high-purity, high-quality exosomes.

* Exosome Engineering: Customizing exosome vectors through genetic modification and functionalization to meet specific client needs.

* Exosome Manufacturing: Mass production of exosomes to ensure product consistency and quality stability.

For more information on Creative Biolabs’ exosome platform services, please visit

Company Overview

Creative Biolabs, through its state-of-the-art exosome characterization solutions and display platform, offers high-quality, customized services to advance exosome research. In September 2024, Creative Biolabs will join other researchers at the 6th Exosome Based Therapeutic Development Summit to explore the limitless possibilities of exosome science.

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