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Creative Biolabs Accomplished Its Debut at the Spring PPA Science & Technology Fair

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Creative Biolabs Accomplished Its Debut at the Spring PPA Science & Technology Fair

May 28
14:09 2024
Creative Biolabs participated in the PPA Science & Technology Fair – Spring 2024 as a vendor on May 15, 2024.

New York, USA – May 28, 2024 – The PPA vendor event, held in mid-May, provided an excellent platform for Creative Biolabs to showcase its innovative solutions for antibody development, reinforcing its commitment to supporting scientific research and pharmaceutical advancements. During the hours when the Penn and CHOP communities gathered around to share the latest advancements in scientific research and career opportunities, Creative Biolabs made a significant impact with its new-concept antibody production program.

Highlighting Advanced Antibody Development Platforms

“At the fair, we demonstrated high-throughput hybridoma generation, B-cell sorting, de novo antibody sequencing, and the epitope mapping platform. These state-of-the-art solutions address various challenges in antibody research and development, offering enhanced efficiency and precision.” According to one of the scientists who attended the fair that day.

High-Throughput Hybridoma Generation

Creative Biolabs’ Hyperdoma™ platform represents a breakthrough in high-throughput hybridoma generation. Integrating the unique electrofusion system, ClonePix 2 system, fluorometric microvolume assay technology, and Celigo image cytometer, the platform fully utilizes the hybridoma-based antibody discovery that accounts for over 80% of current mAb production, enabling the development and screening of antibodies of superiority. The technology streamlines the development process, enhancing its speed and efficiency.

B-Cell Sorting for Precision Antibody Production

The B-cell sorting platform was another focal point at the event. This platform leverages advanced techniques like FACS (fluorescent activated cell sorting), LCM (laser-capture microdissection), microengraving, and droplet microfluidics to separate, isolate, and sort single B-cells of integrity and purity, and adopts next-generation sequencing to retrieve native antibodies with extremely high in vivo specificity and affinity. This method significantly enhances the precision and reliability of antibody development, ensuring that researchers can generate antibodies that meet their exact specifications.

Epitope Mapping Platform for Enhanced Research

The Epitope Mapping Platform, known as CreMap™, was showcased as a crucial tool for identifying the precise binding sites of antibodies on their target antigens. This platform enables researchers to map epitopes with high accuracy, facilitating the development of antibodies with enhanced specificity and efficacy, and is particularly important for the creation of targeted therapies and vaccines.

The scientist stated, “Our participation in the PPA Science & Technology Fair underscores our faith in advancing the field of antibody research, particularly in dedicated, enthusiastic communities like Penn. By providing innovative and reliable solutions, we aim to empower researchers to achieve groundbreaking discoveries and develop new therapies.”

Creative Biolabs’ presence at the fair not only highlighted its cutting-edge technologies, but also reinforced its role as an active practitioner in the antibody development industry. For more information about Creative Biolabs and their services, visit


Creative Biolabs is a premier provider of antibody development services, offering a comprehensive range of solutions to support scientific research and pharmaceutical advancements. With a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Creative Biolabs dedicates itself to creating the most individualized projects for researchers with diverse objectives and constantly joins global events to share views and learn about the latest progress in the industry. In 2024, a group of senior scientists from the team will present at the World Bispecific Summit, the Exosome-Based Therapeutic Development Summit, and the World ADC San Diego.

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