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Dreambooks Media Professionals LLC has Selected the Thriller “The Fourth Floor” by Peggy Hargis for Film Adaptation

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Dreambooks Media Professionals LLC has Selected the Thriller “The Fourth Floor” by Peggy Hargis for Film Adaptation

April 30
06:51 2024

Dreambooks Media Professionals LLC is pleased to announce that it has selected Peggy Hargis’s book “The Fourth Floor” for film adaptation. This enthralling tale which takes place in a creepy hospital setting, is all set to captivate viewers everywhere.

The Fourth Floor” follows investigators Max and Alex as they work to solve the eerie mysteries behind three hospital tragedies. The initial victim was Dawn Brown, a divorced mother of two children from a previous marriage. She had custody of her children, and her ex-husband, who was envious and desired custody, became a suspect. The second victim was Sally Moore, the head nurse on that particular hospital floor. After discovering crucial information related to Dawn’s murder, she was ultimately silenced to prevent her from revealing what she knew. Tina Forbes was the third victim. There appeared to be a link between her and the other two patients who were murdered, raising questions about the connection.

Ralph Balsh, the owner of Balsh Laboratories, depended on his employees to act ethically. Unfortunately, some of the arsenic and cyanide from his lab were stolen and used in the murders. He and several accomplices were found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. The children of the first victim were safely placed with their grandparents after their father was arrested during an attempted kidnapping.

In the meantime, Alex and Max took brief vacations to balance their intense work lives. They went camping, visited the beach, and enjoyed local bands. These outings allowed them to grow closer and share their feelings for each other. Eventually, Max moves in with Alex, and they adopt two homeless kittens, OJ (short for Orange Juice) and Smokey.

Peggy Hargis is a celebrated author known for her ability to blend deep emotional narratives with suspenseful storytelling. Her works, including “The Fourth Floor,” provide readers with a compelling mix of intrigue and romance, making her books beloved by a wide audience.

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