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Creative Biolabs Shines a Light on Hepatocellular Cancer Research

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Creative Biolabs Shines a Light on Hepatocellular Cancer Research

March 26
19:08 2024
Creative Biolabs introduces innovative hepatocellular cancer solutions out of autoimmunity and ribosomal outlooks.

New York, USA – March 26, 2024 – Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is a malignant neoplasm that is seeing a global rise in prevalence and poses a significant risk to human well-being. It is distinguished by elevated levels of metastasis, recurrence, and death. In the relentless battle against this type of primary liver cancer, Creative Biolabs offers exemplary services in research, diagnostic, and therapeutic development and proudly introduces a full set of HCC-centered solutions.

One of the pioneering avenues pursued by Creative Biolabs is the exploration of the intricate relationship between ribosomes and hepatocellular cancer-to uncover rRNA transcription and ribosomal protein activities behind the occurrence of HCC in order to facilitate early detection and targeted treatment.

“As has been reflected in the latest research reports, ribosomes play a part in HCC development,” according to a scientist at Creative Biolabs, “which represent critical diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities. We at Creative Biolabs have developed a powerful Ribosome and Hepatocellular Cancer platform that facilitates any projects needing ribosomal transcriptome or ribosomal proteomics analysis, thus defining ribosome properties and functions precisely and efficiently.”

Creative Biolabs also sheds light on the significance of natural autoantibodies (NAAs) in the context of hepatocellular cancer, recognizing the diagnostic potential inherent in specific molecular interactions, and developing a full set of NAA assays to arm the projects with any critical factors involved in HCC and other NAA associated primary liver cancers, such as nucleophosmin 1, cytokeratin 8, CENPT, and DNA topoisomerase II.

* NAA Detection

* NAA Profiling

* NAA Affinity Measurement

* NAA Epitope Mapping

* NAA Paratope Mapping

“By elucidating the intricate landscape of NAA-mediated HCC, our NAA detection and profiling present an alternative to various diseases with advantages of minimalist hardware, short time-frames, and an abundance of targets to decipher the intricate mechanisms and provide data-based insights into disease etiology and progression, thereby facilitating the development of innovative diagnostic modalities and precision therapies and heralding a new era in liver cancer management.” Summarized the scientist.

Learn more about Creative Biolabs ribosome and NAA solutions at and


Creative Biolabs is a leading biotechnology company dedicated to advancing scientific understanding and fostering innovation in the field of liver cancer research, diagnosis, and therapy development. With a team of renowned experts and cutting-edge technologies, Creative Biolabs remains at the forefront of the fight against liver cancer, offering unrivaled expertise and support to researchers and pharmaceutical partners worldwide.

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