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Creative Biolabs Integrates Its Exciting Non-human Primate Biobank

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Creative Biolabs Integrates Its Exciting Non-human Primate Biobank

March 26
19:04 2024
In a stride towards advancing neurological research and disease investigation, Creative Biolabs proudly presents its comprehensive non-human primate (NHP) biobank.

New York, USA – March 26, 2024 – One of the new blockbusters stands Creative Biolabs’ integrated NHP biological repository, a meticulously curated collection encompassing a wide array of NHP biological products ranging from biofluids to cells and tissues. This repository furnishes invaluable resources to unravel disease mechanisms, perform intricate histopathological analyses, and pioneer targeted therapeutic interventions. Leveraging its robust biobank, Creative Biolabs has recently unveiled a suite of premium products, accentuating its swift delivery timelines and impeccable inventory management.

“The establishment of this comprehensive biological bank has been in our plans for some time,” according to an expert at Creative Biolabs. “In this biobank, a vast inventory of NHP biofluid products has been meticulously prepared to propel researchers’ investigative endeavors.”

Biofluid offerings from Creative Biolabs encompass a diverse array of samples sourced from various origins. Notably, blood samples feature prominently, including cynomolgus plasma and cynomolgus serum extracted from healthy monkey donors meticulously screened for infections such as the Herpes B virus and retroviruses. These samples serve as indispensable resources for researchers delving into fields like biomarker discovery and pharmacology.

Furthermore, biofluid samples sourced from cerebrospinal fluid, derived from crab-eating monkeys as well as different primate species such as Rhesus monkeys and African green monkeys, are available. “Creative Biolabs provides frozen or fresh Cynomolgus monkey cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples, facilitating investigations into the physiological and pathological states of the nervous system,” elucidated the expert.

The NHP biobank extends its support to primary cell products, including peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) and purified immune cells. PBMCs, isolated from blood samples, serve as pivotal tools for immunology researchers, unraveling the intricate mechanisms governing immune cell activation and differentiation. Creative Biolabs predominantly sources Cynomolgus monkey PBMCs and Rhesus monkey PBMCs from healthy primate donors’ blood.

“At Creative Biolabs, adherence to stringent standards is paramount in preparing each primary cell product within a controlled cleanroom environment, ensuring the delivery of pristine, high-quality products to our clients,” emphasized the expert. “Our extensive inventory enables us to efficiently cater to the needs of global research communities, offering effective solutions to combat these diseases.”

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Creative Biolabs offers a diverse catalog encompassing premium NHP biological products, specifically crafted to catalyze scientific progress and foster innovative therapeutic modalities in fields such as neuroscience and immune diseases.

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