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BRTS Launches Groundbreaking AI Dapp, Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency and AI Trading

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BRTS Launches Groundbreaking AI Dapp, Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency and AI Trading

March 14
19:12 2024

BlackRocks Trust Services Ltd (BRTS), a global leader in alternative investment management, has taken a significant step forward in the realms of cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence (AI) quantitative trading. BRTS has announced the official launch of its long-awaited AI Dapp web version, set to go live at 12:00 p.m. U.S. time (GMT-4). This move marks a major breakthrough in providing advanced trading algorithms and enhancing user experiences, expected to bring unprecedented convenience and security to investors.

Seamless Integration and Data Synchronization

The introduction of the BRTS AI Dapp emphasizes its seamless integration with the Telegram Robot port, ensuring complete synchronization of data and operations across both platforms. This technological advancement not only simplifies the user’s workflow but also improves the efficiency and accuracy of trading decisions through unified data management and analysis.

Proactive Security Measures

For existing users, BRTS has implemented a one-time login mechanism that requires cell phone verification upon their first visit to the new Dapp site, enhancing account security. This measure reflects BRTS’s commitment to user safety, ensuring the highest level of protection for personal information and assets.

Simplified Onboarding Process for New Users

To encourage more individuals to enter the fields of cryptocurrency and AI trading, BRTS has simplified the registration process for new users. They now have the flexibility to sign up through either the Dapp web interface or the Telegram Robot port, significantly lowering the barriers to entry and making sophisticated investment tools more accessible and user-friendly.

The Importance of the Open Public Beta Phase

The launch will be accompanied by an open public beta phase, underscoring the importance BRTS places on user feedback for continuous service improvement. The company encourages users to report any system errors encountered during use promptly to the BRTS customer service team.

To better serve its users, BRTS has established an easily accessible Telegram support robot, where users can obtain timely help and support at This demonstrates BRTS’s commitment to user satisfaction and its openness to listening and responding to user needs.

Looking Forward: BRTS’s Continuous Innovation in the Investment Sphere

The launch of the BRTS AI Dapp is not just the unveiling of a new platform but a manifestation of BRTS’s ongoing innovation in the fintech space. Through this platform, the company brings the latest developments in cryptocurrency and AI technology to a wide audience of investors, committed to providing a more efficient, secure, and convenient investment experience.

As cryptocurrency and AI technologies continue to evolve, BRTS cements its leadership position in the alternative investment management industry through relentless technological innovation and service optimization. Looking ahead, BRTS will continue to explore and leverage these cutting-edge technologies to provide more opportunities and value to investors worldwide.

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BlackRocks Trust Services Ltd continues to push the boundaries of fintech, reaffirming its status as a pioneer in the fields of cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence trading through its innovations.

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