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BUCANUS Debuts at the Peptide Industry International Summit Forum, Oral Functional Protein Peptide Technology Attracts Attention

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BUCANUS Debuts at the Peptide Industry International Summit Forum, Oral Functional Protein Peptide Technology Attracts Attention

March 14
18:28 2024

Recently, the 10th Global Peptide Industry International Summit Forum held in Palo Alto, where Stanford University is located. Executives from thousands of functional peptide industry chain companies and experts from universities worldwide attended the summit to discuss trends in the life science industry and the future development of the functional protein peptide industry.

As a life science brand jointly created by top scientists from the United States and Germany, BUCANUS made an appearance at this forum and was invited to give an on-site presentation on the theme of “Industrial Research and Application of Oral Functional Protein Peptides.” Dr. Paul Nurse, the R&D Vice President of BUCANUS, stated during his speech that following NAD+, the industry of “oral functional protein peptides + spermidine” utilizing updated technology is becoming the next trend in the field of life sciences under the global aging trend.

It is reported that BUCANUS, currently a leading player in the global oral functional protein peptide industry, boasts a life science research and development center represented by Nobel Prize-winning scientists. The brand has its independent research institutions in the United States, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand, and has established cooperative laboratories with more than 10 global top 100 universities. What has made the BUCANUS brand popular worldwide is its spermidine oral functional protein peptide products, which are not only bestsellers in 33 countries and regions globally but also have their technical team published over 10 professional papers on oral functional protein peptides in top global natural science journals over the past three years, attracting significant attention worldwide.

Dr. Paul Nurse stated during his speech that according to iiMedia Research data, in 2020, the population in the United States aged 65 and above was 54.796 million, accounting for 17% of the total population, showing an increase of 14.64 million people compared to 2010. It is evident that the United States has entered an aging society. According to the latest U.S. Census Bureau estimate, the population over 65 years old is projected to increase to 74 million by 2030.

“The exacerbation of aging has ushered in the best era for life science and regenerative cell technology, from dietary planning to skincare, and now to Thermage, beauty injections, NAD+ supplements. The aging life science industry today has entered the era of oral functional protein peptides, stepping into the new 6.0 era.”

“The most significant difference in the 6.0 era compared to the previous five generations lies in restoring the source of youthfulness in the body through functional protein peptide technology, rather than just remaining at the level of exogenous supplementation. The specific way is to enhance the cell’s autophagic capacity.” Dr. Paul Nurse stated that autophagy is a process of cell waste and damaged component clearance, which is crucial for maintaining cell homeostasis and healthy lifespan. Reduced autophagic capacity has been considered a fundamental reason for the inevitable aging of the human body. Research has shown that spermidine can delay cell aging and tissue damage by affecting gene expression, cell apoptosis, and autophagy pathways. BUCANUS, utilizing Nobel Prize gene technology, has been deeply involved in the spermidine industry for many years. By targeting human gene absorption characteristics, the brand has overcome the pain points of low absorption rates and minimal conversion of traditional spermidine products. Through oral functional protein peptide technology, BUCANUS helps the body regain cell autophagic capacity.

“Today, BUCANUS has become one of the favorite functional protein peptide products among elite individuals in Europe and America. I am pleased to announce that this technology has now obtained relevant research and development patents in the four major global markets and has received certifications from the relevant authorities,” stated Dr. Paul Nurse at the event.

In response to this, analysts have indicated that in the current global aging trend, the functional protein peptide industry is becoming a hotly contested arena for top companies to invest and advance in. Within this field, BUCANUS has not taken the traditional path of relying on OEM manufacturing for branding but has instead relied on strong research and development capabilities. By utilizing oral functional protein peptide technology, BUCANUS has successively overcome industry pain points such as purification, formulation, and absorption rates in the spermidine industry, positioning itself as a global leader in the spermidine industry.

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