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Empowering Akha women: Macrame by Nicha Launches Unique Handcrafted Collection

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Empowering Akha women: Macrame by Nicha Launches Unique Handcrafted Collection

March 12
18:48 2024
Eco-Friendly Christmas Creations Uplifting Thai Hilltribe Communities Now Globally Available

Bangkok, Thailand – The Social Entreprise Macrame by Nicha announces the global launch of its unique handcrafted collection, embodying a powerful fusion of traditional Thai art and sustainable craftsmanship. This social enterprise, spearheaded by Nicha Angi, is revolutionizing the lives of the Akha hilltribe community in Thailand, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals of No Poverty and Gender Equality.

Akha Ma-de, powered by Macrame by Nicha, represents a transformative journey towards economic empowerment and cultural preservation. The enterprise’s inclusive team ranges from 22 to 72 years old, including young mothers, landless individuals, and seniors. They unite to create exquisite items like Phuang Malai and festive Christmas decorations. These creations are not just products; they are stories of hope, skill, and empowerment.

Nicha Angi, herself an Akha, has passionately committed to preserving and celebrating her community’s heritage, which faces the risk of fading in modern times. “Our mission,” Nicha shares, “is to bring the rich heritage of the Akha to the global stage while empowering our community. Each macrame piece we create is a testament to our culture and a step towards a more sustainable future.”

The global availability of these products, especially the eco-friendly Christmas ornaments, offers consumers an ethical choice for festive decorations. Additionally, Macrame by Nicha’s Contemporary Phuang Malai, originally a revered Thai floral garland, is becoming a popular gift among VIPs and Diplomatic events. These creations are not only a mark of gratitute but also the symbol of the Akha potential to insert themselves in the global economy. 

Macrame, by Nicha’s vision, extends beyond commerce. It aims to position Thailand as a leader in community-based enterprise development (CBE). This vision includes welcoming travelers from the UK, Europe, and the USA to discover the rich heritage of the Akha culture.

About Macrame by Nicha:

Macrame by Nicha is a social enterprise based in Thailand, dedicated to empowering the Akha hilltribe minority through skilled craftsmanship. Founded by Nicha Angi, the enterprise focuses on sustainable development and cultural preservation. Its diverse team crafts innovative items that symbolize respect and heritage while providing economic benefits to the community.

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