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Introducing BET SLUMBUR Earplugs: The Future of Noise Reduction Now on Kickstarter

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Introducing BET SLUMBUR Earplugs: The Future of Noise Reduction Now on Kickstarter

March 12
18:41 2024

In an innovative leap forward for auditory health and comfort, BET SLUMBUR is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for its cutting-edge, noise-reducing earplugs. Crafted for individuals who navigate life amidst the cacophony of noise-polluted spaces, these innovative earplugs represent a superior approach to safeguarding hearing health while elevating the experience of tranquility.

By opening avenues for public investment, BET SLUMBUR not only propels its own expansion but also extends an invitation to a broader audience to engage in the Earplugs revolution, a movement that is transforming industries across the globe.

Groundbreaking Technology for Unmatched Silence

At the heart of BET SLUMBUR’s innovation is the Patented Honeycomb Microporous Crystal Filter. This cutting-edge design, inspired by Helmholtz theory and enriched with advanced microcrystal technology, sets a new standard for real noise reduction. Composed of 99.99% pure crystal raw material, the filter boasts over 100,000 Nano Through Holes, creating a honeycomb network structure. This unique composition provides a Signal-Noise Ratio (SNR) of 32 decibels, effectively muffling unwanted sounds while preserving the clarity of speech and music.

Comfort and Convenience Redefined

Understanding the common discomforts associated with earplugs, BET SLUMBUR has engineered a solution that offers airy fit comfort without the compromise. The earplugs are designed to balance ear pressure within just 15 seconds, eliminating the sensation of pressure buildup. Weighing less than 0.55g, the earplugs promise lightweight, long-lasting comfort, making them ideal for extended wear in any scenario—from a night’s sleep beside a snoring partner to enduring the clamor of a music festival.

Designed for Everyone, Everywhere

BET SLUMBUR earplugs cater to a wide audience, including individuals disturbed by noise, those concerned about ear health, and workers in noisy environments. The product is especially beneficial for light sleepers, travelers, office workers, students, music enthusiasts, people with sleep disorders, and workers in high-noise industries. With four sizes of silicone ear tips (S, M, L, XL), BET SLUMBUR ensures a reusable, secure, and eco-friendly fit for every user.

A Commitment to Hearing Protection

In a world where noise pollution is ever-increasing, BET SLUMBUR stands as a guardian of hearing health. These earplugs are not just about silencing the world; they are about offering protection, comfort, and a better quality of life through improved auditory experiences.

Join the Silent Revolution

BET SLUMBUR invites you to become part of this auditory revolution by supporting their Kickstarter campaign today. Embrace the silence, protect your hearing, and discover the comfort of BET SLUMBUR’s real noise-reducing earplugs.


BET SLUMBUR stands at the forefront of evolving adaptive real noise reduction technologies for earplugs. It owns the exclusive patent of the ‘Honeycomb Microporous Crystal Filter,’ achieving steady real noise reduction solutions in specific target noise.

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