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A Winning Mentality: The Los Angeles Dodgers

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A Winning Mentality: The Los Angeles Dodgers

March 07
13:56 2024

While the Dodgers have made significant changes to their lineup, they are still not all in, and as a result, once again will not win the World Series.

As fans, we’re drawn to the excitement of offensive plays. Watching a player smash the ball out of the park or witnessing teams make big scoring plays is undeniably exciting. Americans have a deep love for scoring, and thus, for a team’s offense. The exhilaration that accompanies a comeback victory is unmatched. While basketball, football, and baseball are primarily focused on offensive plays, soccer is the only major sport to recognize the crucial role of the defense. Soccer understands that the defense wins games. That fact is that the defense is equally important in all sports, however it is not appreciated, and thus often ignored.

This brings me to my next point, the Los Angeles Dodgers, a team attempting to portray themselves as destined for greatness through lavish spending and big acquisitions, are missing the point. In recent years, the Dodgers have performed well in the actual season, but fallen short in the playoffs. In the past two seasons they have failed to even reach the second round. Their Achilles’ heel? The absence of a crucial defensive weapon, great starting pitching is the reason.

Indeed, the Dodgers seem to be holding back when it comes to bolstering their pitching roster. Signing players like Blake Snell would signal an understanding of past mistakes and a commitment to victory. Trevor Bauer, having grown personally and found redemption, could also be a valuable addition if the team chose to sign him. Additionally, it would behoove them to consider pitchers like Madison Bumgarner, who has displayed star potential in the past. While their star Shohei Ohtani’s pitching is undeniable, he will be sidelined during the 2024 season due to a previous injury, leaving a significant gap in their rotation which will need to be filled.

If they were to put a powerhouse trio in place, I predict three consecutive World Series victories. If despite their presence the Dodgers still fall short, it may finally prompt a realization that it’s not just big bats but a solid defense that wins championships. In summary if the Dodgers ambition is the win the woods series it is time to get “all-in” and sign these three pitchers.

(by John Probandt)

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