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Creative Biolabs Highlights Innovative Technologies to Advance Alzheimer’s Disease Research

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Creative Biolabs Highlights Innovative Technologies to Advance Alzheimer’s Disease Research

March 06
03:05 2024
Creative Biolabs highlighted their support for research on Alzheimer’s disease (AD) through innovative technologies-natural autoantibodies and ribosomes.

New York, USA – January 30, 2024 – One of the new blockbusters of 2024 was an insightful Nature Aging report that incisively uncovers the five molecular subtypes with distinct genetic risk profiles of patients with Alzheimer’s disease and sheds light on new trains of thought about future research in terms of disease diagnosis and treatment targets as well. Creative Biolabs has been closely following the track of neurological disorders and correspondingly developing solutions to support global researchers’ projects in both diagnostics and therapeutics. Earlier this month, in response to the new study, Creative Biolabs pinpointed its natural autoantibody and ribosome solutions that thoroughly support AD research.

“Compelling evidence has indicated that certain autoantibodies are associated with Alzheimer’s disease,” according to a specialist at Creative Biolabs, “which critically represent potential biomarkers for its diagnosis.”

Creative Biolabs has developed an NAA system against targets such as Aß, Tau, NMDAR, glutamate, nuclear antibody, 5-HT, and phospholipid, with which scientists can handle:

* NAA detection: better understand disease pathogenesis and treatment.

* NAA profiling: help with rapid diagnosis after disease onset and the early detection of the vulnerable group.

* NAA affinity measurement: monitor NAA affinity and kinetics in real time.

* NAA epitope mapping: identify the antibody-antigen binding site.

* NAA paratope mapping: characterize the antigen-binding site.

In addition to diagnostic biomarker research, Creative Biolabs is actively involved in exploring the ribosome, a cellular component essential for protein synthesis, as a potential target for developing novel therapies to modulate protein production and degradation associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Through ribosome separation and extraction, ribosome analysis, and ribosomal marker antibody development services, their experienced scientists can help unravel the intricacies of ribosome involvement in Alzheimer’s disease and offer valuable insights into the development of targeted therapy for this devastating condition.

“We’re committed to making a difference in this field, and our advanced technologies hold great promise for both early diagnosis and therapeutic intervention,” said the specialist. “We are proud to support the research community in their quest to find effective strategies to combat this debilitating disease.”

For more information about Creative Biolabs’ services and how to collaborate on Alzheimer’s disease research, please visit


Creative Biolabs is a leading contract research organization specializing in providing advanced biotechnology and life sciences services. With a team of talented scientists and state-of-the-art facilities, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to supporting the research community in their pursuit of scientific breakthroughs and innovative therapeutic solutions for a diverse range of global health issues such as neurological disorders, cancers, and infections.

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