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January 30
01:36 2024

Ha Noi, Vietnam – January 29, 2024 – SUNHOUSE dishwashers is a leading brand in the production and distribution of premium dishwashing machines. With many years of experience in the industry, SUNHOUSE has firmly established its position and reputation with dishwashers that meet international quality standards.

With a team of experienced engineers and modern manufacturing facilities, SUNHOUSE consistently delivers dishwashers with elegant designs, energy-efficient technologies, and impeccable hygiene capabilities. SUNHOUSE dishwashers have found their way into thousands of households, upscale restaurants, and hotels.

Popular SUNHOUSE Dishwasher Series

SUNHOUSE currently offers two lines of dishwashers, namely the SUNHOUSE SHB8014SMB and SUNHOUSE SHB8615SEB.

  • Dishwasher SHB8615SEB: Featuring an elegant design made of stainless steel with a black paint coating that accentuates its modern look. This product is imported from Turkey and comes with advanced technology, operating completely automatically with various flexible washing modes. With just a press of a button, SHB8615SEB provides a clean and safe washing experience for users. Especially, the machine features an easy-to-operate touch control panel and a clear LED display screen. The spacious container can accommodate 15 sets of dishes with three stackable shelves that can be easily detached. Additionally, the SHB8615SEB is equipped with 9 versatile washing programs, along with enhanced efficiency support functions and intelligent alerts, catering to the diverse needs of every household.
  • Dishwasher SHB8014SMB: Imported from Malaysia, this product also boasts a luxurious design and incorporates modern technology. The standout feature of SHB8014SMB is its inclusion of up to 9 washing programs, offering modes suitable for various types of utensils and different types of stains. Furthermore, the dishwashing machine comes with several other outstanding features. Firstly, the control panel is designed with convenient push buttons, allowing users to easily select and adjust different modes. Secondly, the spacious container has a capacity for 14 sets of dishes, accompanied by 3 flexible stacking shelves. Lastly, the product is equipped with a total of 6 washing programs with various modes, effectively meeting the daily needs of households.

With top-notch quality and excellent features, both SUNHOUSE dishwasher models are sure to bring satisfaction to users.

Advanced Technology and Energy Efficiency of SUNHOUSE dishwashers

SUNHOUSE dishwashers are equipped with advanced technology to optimize energy savings during operation. In particular, SUNHOUSE’s dishwasher is also enhanced with a modern drying function for higher efficiency in drying dishes. Furthermore, the Eco mode on the dishwasher maximizes energy savings while ensuring perfect cleaning. Finally, SUNHOUSE’s dual water filtration system removes impurities, softening the water for a cleaner and more perfect washing process.

In addition, the durable and quiet brushless motor is energy efficient. The dishwasher also has convenient features like delay start, child lock for safety, standalone design, and large capacity. These advanced technologies and thoughtful designs make SUNHOUSE dishwashers an excellent choice for any modern kitchen.

Professional Warranty Service, Quick Technical Support

SUNHOUSE prioritizes the quality of after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction. The company provides a comprehensive warranty policy along with a team of professional technical staff ready to assist anytime, anywhere.

Well-trained technicians can quickly address any issues that may arise. Additionally, SUNHOUSE offers regular maintenance services to extend the lifespan and enhance the performance of their products.

About is not the exclusive distributor of SUNHOUSE dishwasher products in Vietnam. In addition to, SUNHOUSE dishwasher products are widely distributed in large electronics retail chains. SUNHOUSE Dishwasher products are detailed with clear images and technical specifications, making it easy for customers to choose.

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