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New Self-Help Book Provides Roadmap for Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

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New Self-Help Book Provides Roadmap for Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

January 29
16:05 2024
Kenneth J Barnes’ new self-help book “New Year New You” offers research-tested tips on achieving resolutions. The guide details forming sustainable habits for physical, financial, and personal growth.

Chicago, IL – January 29, 2024 – With the new year comes an influx of resolutions – to lose weight, save money, find love – but how many of us actually stick to them? According to recent studies, less than 10% of people achieve their new year’s goals. Kenneth J Barnes sets out to change that statistic with his new self-help book, “New Year New You.”

Released on November 26th, last year, by Bri Consulting & Management LLC, Barnes’ book has already generated buzz as the essential manual for self-improvement in 2024 and promises to be the go-to manual for anyone looking to improve their life. He provides easy-to-implement tips across three key areas – health, finances, and relationships. For Barnes, success stems from forming the right habits. For Barnes, success stems from forming the right habits.

“I wrote this guide based on years of research and my own experience turning resolutions into reality,” Barnes said. “It offers a clear roadmap with easy-to-implement tips for building better habits across all areas of life.”

The book helps readers identify top priorities, whether physical health, financial security, career growth, strengthening relationships, and more. From foundational lifestyle changes to mapping long-term objectives, Barnes covers it all.

“It’s not enough to say you want something – you have to build routines that support those goals,” Barnes said. “This book gives you the tools to set a strong foundation so you can carry momentum from January through December.”

“New Year New You” kickstarts with a self-assessment quiz so readers can define priorities from the outset, providing science-backed advice tailored to individual goals. Do they need to manage stress? Get out of debt? Find a better job? From there, Barnes offers targeted advice, like setting a sleep routine for better well-being, automating savings to build financial security, and engaging in meaningful small talk to expand one’s network.

While the tips cater to specific needs, the overarching theme is forming sustainable habits. Barnes focuses on how to turn inspiration into action, overcome obstacles, and embed new behaviors into everyday life. Through personal anecdotes and profiles of others who have achieved lasting change, he shows how virtues like self-discipline, perseverance, and mindfulness serve as the bedrock of success.

For readers looking to make 2024 their best year yet and a transformative one, Barnes says now is the time to take control. “You have 365 days ahead with endless potential. Why not use them to cultivate the life you want?” he asks readers. His book gives the blueprint to make that vision a reality.

With “New Year New You,” every chapter offers another step toward self-actualization. From nutrition plans to money management spreadsheets, Barnes makes improvement accessible – and even enjoyable. More actionable workbook than a stuffy textbook, this guide stands out for its practical wisdom.

Early praise for the book confirms Barnes has won over readers with his signature blend of humor, vulnerability, and motivational mentorship. As one reviewer wrote, “Don’t just read this book – let it lead you towards becoming who you wish to be. Your future self with thank you!”

For those feeling adrift in the new year, “New Year New You” serves as the perfect anchor, providing structure and support to finally achieve your goals.

Learn more about Kenneth J Barnes and purchase “New Year New You” on Barnes & Noble or Amazon today.

Review copies are available upon request.

About the Author:

Kenneth J Barnes is a sought-after speaker and self-help guru with over 15 years of experience inspiring audiences towards positive change. His podcast and blog have gained millions of viewers thanks to his unique perspective and actionable advice. While many self-help books stop at empty platitudes, Barnes sets himself apart by giving readers easy-to-use resources to embed new habits. When he’s not speaking or writing bestselling books, you can find Barnes exploring national parks or spending time with his wife and kids.

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