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Mrs. Parmeet Devgun: A Trailblazer in Social Work, Business, and Beauty

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Mrs. Parmeet Devgun: A Trailblazer in Social Work, Business, and Beauty

January 29
15:15 2024

Mrs. Parmeet Devgun’s remarkable journey unfolds as a compelling narrative, weaving through the realms of social work, entrepreneurship, and beauty pageantry. Crowned by Binal Bhatt (Binny Bhatt) Ms. Earth 2022 and Ms. Uniworld 2022, Mrs. Devgun transcends conventional boundaries, exemplifying grace, charisma, and a profound commitment to social causes.
















Miss/Mrs India Diva Season -5 Successfully Concludes at the Leela Hotel Delhi Along with Indian Achiever Awards

Mrs. India Diva Season -5: Celebrating Married Women Beyond Beauty

An integral part of this journey is Mrs. India Diva, an initiative by DIVAS BEAUTY PAGEANT SYSTEM, which recently concluded its successful Season -5 at the Leela Hotel, Delhi. This national event is a celebration of the essence of married women aged 18 to 65, going beyond conventional notions of beauty. The platform acknowledges women with families, careers, or dedicated to homemaking, contributing significantly to various causes.

Spanning 4 to 7 days annually, Mrs. India Diva unites married women from diverse states, emphasizing that true allure extends beyond physical appearance, highlighting fortitude and unique character. The pageant champions mature women who have accomplished much, built families, and exemplify independence. It underscores the power of beauty harnessed for a greater purpose, fostering a year-round commitment to meaningful endeavors.

Mrs. Parmeet Devgun: Title Winner and Social Work Luminary

Distinguished as the proud Title winner of the Mrs. India Diva International, Mrs. Parmeet Devgun stands out as a woman of substance, earning accolades for her outstanding contributions to society. Her recent achievements underscore her commitment to making a positive impact on society.

In recognition of her dedicated social work, Mrs. Parmeet Devgun was honored with the Divas Indian Achievers Award for Best Social Worker in the Punjab region. Actively contributing to the betterment of society as the Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) council for UT Chandigarh in the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI), she aligns with the mission of fostering positive change.

A Journey Marked by Significant Moments

Mrs. Parmeet Devgun’s journey includes significant moments, such as sharing her inspiring story during the Health Conclave in September 2022 at CII Chandigarh, her participation in the Women Economic Forum (WEF) in December 2022, and showcasing a play on the journey of women during the Van Mahotsav Celebration in January 2023.

Demonstrating her creative side, Mrs. Parmeet Devgun emerged victorious in a poetry competition held during Shades of Women (SOW) at Hyatt Centric, Chandigarh, in March 2023. Her words, “ye kisne kaha ke Naari hai Kamzor…,” resonate with strength and resilience, capturing the essence of her advocacy for women’s empowerment.

Versatility Beyond Social Work

Currently holding the position of State President Punjab for Mother’s Army, Mrs. Parmeet Devgun leads initiatives to ensure the safety and security of children, women, and girls. Her dedication to promoting plus-size individuals and supporting underprivileged children’s education is evident in her varied and impactful roles.

Adding another feather to her cap, Mrs. Parmeet Devgun recently clinched the title of X-Factor in the NA Cultural Society event (Mrs. Indian Apsara Contest) held in Chandigarh in April 2023. This accomplishment further highlights her versatility and ability to shine in diverse arenas.

Philosophy of Positivity

In her own words, “Life is an uncertain roller coaster.” Mrs. Parmeet Devgun’s philosophy encourages embracing challenges, learning joyfully from experiences, and choosing positivity. Her journey is a testament to the belief in oneself and the impact that one person can have on the world. As Mrs. Devgun continues to make strides in social work and beyond, she serves as an inspiration to others, demonstrating the transformative power of passion, dedication, and a positive mindset.

This press article captures the essence of Mrs. Parmeet Devgun’s multifaceted journey, highlighting her accomplishments, dedication to social causes, and the unique platform of Mrs. India Diva that celebrates the strength and character of married women beyond mere beauty.

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