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Drug Discovery Informatics Market Poised for Remarkable Growth: Projected to Reach USD 7681.5 Mn by 2030 with a CAGR of 11.5%

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Drug Discovery Informatics Market Poised for Remarkable Growth: Projected to Reach USD 7681.5 Mn by 2030 with a CAGR of 11.5%

January 22
15:15 2024
Drug Discovery Informatics Market Poised for Remarkable Growth: Projected to Reach USD 7681.5 Mn by 2030 with a CAGR of 11.5%
Credence Research unveils comprehensive insights into the global drug discovery informatics market, highlighting its rapid growth and pivotal role in advancing pharmaceutical research. The market, valued at USD 3215.5 Million in 2022, is projected to soar to USD 7681.5 Million by 2030, marking a CAGR of 11.5% from 2023 to 2030.

In an era where the pace of pharmaceutical innovation is crucial, drug discovery informatics stands as a cornerstone of progress. Credence Research’s latest study sheds light on this dynamic field, revealing significant growth and trends that are shaping the future of drug development.

Market Growth:

The global market for drug discovery informatics, valued at USD 3215.5 Million in 2022, is anticipated to witness an exponential rise to USD 7681.5 Million by 2030. This robust growth, charting a CAGR of 11.5% between 2023 and 2030, underscores the increasing reliance on informatics in drug development processes.

Leading Market Segments:

Structure-based drug design, accounting for over 40% of the market value in 2022, leads the mode of informatics segment. However, target-based drug design is gaining traction and is estimated to witness rapid growth during the forecast period.

Outsourced services are projected to expand swiftly, though in-house informatics services held the largest market share in 2022. In the realm of specific services, chemical database management dominates, representing more than 55% of global demand.


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Software Solutions in Focus:

Data mining and visualization software categories are expected to grow the fastest. Despite this, bioinformatics software solutions maintained a significant market share of over 30% in 2022.

Application Insights:

The hit identification and validation application segment, with more than 28% market share in 2022, is poised to continue leading the market needs for drug discovery informatics, thanks to its strong CAGR growth prospects.

End-User Landscape:

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies dominate the end-user market, contributing 38% to the total revenue share. This dominance highlights the sector’s reliance on informatics for research and development.

Geographical Overview:

North America emerged as a major player, accounting for over one-third of the industry in 2022. Meanwhile, Asia Pacific and Europe collectively contributed just under 54%, with Europe alone holding more than 20% of the market revenue share.

The Role of Drug Discovery Informatics:

Drug discovery informatics is pivotal in every phase of the drug discovery process, from target identification to preclinical research and clinical trials. It not only accelerates the development of new drugs but also enhances collaboration and data sharing across various research fields.

Innovation and Government Support:

The market’s growth is further fueled by government initiatives and funding for research and development in drug discovery informatics. These efforts are catalyzing innovation in pharmaceutical research across various regions.

Technological Advancements:

A key driver of the market’s expansion is the rapid advancement in informatics technologies. Innovations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics are revolutionizing how researchers approach drug discovery. These technologies enable more accurate predictions, efficient data handling, and faster identification of potential drug candidates, thereby reducing time and costs associated with drug development.

Integration of Omics Data:

The integration of genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics data, collectively known as ‘omics data’, in drug discovery is another critical trend highlighted in the report. This integration allows for a more comprehensive understanding of disease mechanisms, which in turn facilitates the development of targeted and personalized therapies.

Collaborative Efforts and Partnerships:

The report notes an increase in collaborative efforts and partnerships between pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms, and academic institutions. These collaborations are crucial in sharing expertise, resources, and data, leading to more innovative and effective drug discovery processes.

Regulatory Landscape:

Navigating the complex regulatory landscape is a significant challenge in the drug discovery informatics market. Regulations regarding data privacy, security, and sharing differ across regions, impacting how data can be utilized and shared globally. The report emphasizes the need for a harmonized regulatory framework to facilitate smoother international collaboration.

Market Challenges:

Despite the optimistic outlook, the market faces challenges such as high costs associated with advanced informatics systems and a shortage of skilled professionals adept in both biology and informatics. Addressing these challenges is crucial for maintaining the market’s growth momentum.

Market Opportunities:

The report identifies significant opportunities in emerging markets, particularly in Asia Pacific, due to increasing investments in healthcare infrastructure and research & development activities in these regions. Moreover, the growing prevalence of chronic diseases globally is prompting the need for novel therapeutic drugs, further boosting market opportunities.


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Future Outlook:

Looking forward, drug discovery informatics is set to play an even more pivotal role in addressing global health challenges. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic underscoring the need for rapid drug development, the reliance on informatics for vaccine and drug research has been prominently highlighted.

Innovative Solutions:

Innovative solutions like cloud-based informatics platforms are expected to gain traction. These platforms offer scalability, flexibility, and accessibility, making them ideal for collaborative drug discovery endeavors.

Sustainability in Drug Discovery:

The report also touches on the aspect of sustainability in drug discovery. Informatics tools can help in designing drugs that are not only effective but also environmentally sustainable, by predicting environmental impacts and toxicity early in the drug development process.

Table of Content

1. Preface

1.1. Report Description

1.1.1. Purpose of the Report

1.1.2. Target Audience

1.1.3. USP and Key Offerings

1.2. Research Scope

1.3. Market Introduction

2. Executive Summary

2.1. Market Snapshot: Global Drug Discovery Informatics Market

2.1.1. Global Drug Discovery Informatics Market, By Software Solutions

2.1.2. Global Drug Discovery Informatics Market, By Services

2.1.3. Global Drug Discovery Informatics Market, By Database Management

2.1.4. Global Drug Discovery Informatics Market, By Mode of Informatics

2.1.5. Global Drug Discovery Informatics Market, By End-User

2.1.6. Global Drug Discovery Informatics Market, By Application

2.1.7. Global Drug Discovery Informatics Market, By Integration with Other Technologies

2.1.8. Global Drug Discovery Informatics Market, By Region

2.2. Insights from Primary Respondents

3. Market Dynamics & Factors Analysis

3.1. Introduction

3.1.1. Global Drug Discovery Informatics Market Value, 2017-2030, (US$ Mn)

3.1.2. Y-o-Y Growth Trend Analysis

3.2. Market Dynamics

3.2.1. Drug Discovery Informatics Market Drivers

3.2.2. Drug Discovery Informatics Market Restraints

3.2.3. Drug Discovery Informatics Market Opportunities

3.2.4. Major Drug Discovery Informatics Industry Challenges

3.3. Growth and Development Patterns

3.4. Investment Feasibility Analysis

3.5. Market Opportunity Analysis

3.5.1. Software Solutions

3.5.2. Services

3.5.3. Database Management

3.5.4. Mode of Informatics

3.5.5. End-User

3.5.6. Application

3.5.7. Integration with Other Technologies

3.5.8. Geography

4. Market Competitive Landscape Analysis

4.1. Company Market Share Analysis, 2022

4.1.1. Global Drug Discovery Informatics Market: Company Market Share, Value 2022

4.1.2. Global Drug Discovery Informatics Market: Top 6 Company Market Share, Value 2022

4.1.3. Global Drug Discovery Informatics Market: Top 3 Company Market Share, Value 2022

4.2. Global Drug Discovery Informatics Market: Company Revenue Share Analysis, 2022

4.3. Company Assessment Metrics, 2022

4.3.1. Stars

4.3.2. Emerging Leaders

4.3.3. Pervasive Players

4.3.4. Participants

4.4. Startups/SMEs Assessment Metrics, 2022

4.4.1. Progressive Companies

4.4.2. Responsive Companies

4.4.3. Dynamic Companies

4.4.4. Starting Blocks

4.5. Strategic Development

4.5.1. Acquisition and Mergers

4.5.2. New Product Launch

4.5.3. Regional Expansion

4.5.4. Partnerships

4.6. Key Player Product Matrix

4.7. Potential for New Players in the Global Drug Discovery Informatics Market

5. Premium Insights

………………………………TOC Continued

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