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Prebor: Where Innovation Meets Legacy, and Stainless Steel Becomes Art

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Prebor: Where Innovation Meets Legacy, and Stainless Steel Becomes Art

January 22
11:10 2024
Prebor: Where Innovation Meets Legacy, and Stainless Steel Becomes Art

Prebor, a leading manufacturer of stainless steel utensils and tableware in India, is proud to announce its participation in Ambiente 2024, the world’s leading trade fair for consumer goods. The event will take place from January 26th to 30th, 2024, at Messe Frankfurt in Germany. Prebor will be located at booth D-49 in Hall 11.1 at Ambiente 2024. Prebor will be showcasing its latest collection of flatware, barware, tableware, hollowware, and serveware at Ambiente 2024. The company is known for its innovative designs, high-quality materials, and competitive prices.

“We are excited to be participating in Ambiente 2024,” said Mr Vicky Khurana, Managing Director at Prebor. “This is a great opportunity for us to showcase our latest products to a global audience of buyers and trendsetters. We are confident that our designs will impress attendees, and that we will be able to build new relationships with potential customers.”

Emerging as a standalone entity, Prebor Exports Pvt. Ltd. confidently steps onto the world stage. Carrying the baton of excellence, Prebor aims to redefine hospitality and home decor through its exquisite range of premium stainless steel products.

A Tapestry of Innovation and Tradition:

With over 2000 impeccably designed masterpieces in its repertoire, Prebor’s catalog is a canvas painted with contemporary forms, vibrant motifs, and a subtle embrace of traditional craft. This captivating blend caters to the diverse needs of hotels, restaurants, resorts, cruise liners, and discerning retail buyers, offering timeless elegance for every culinary canvas. Understanding the nuanced needs of an international clientele is central to Prebor’s philosophy. Backed by nimble production and robust logistics, the company delivers exceptional customer service and customized solutions. Its Barhi, Haryana plant houses sophisticated machinery alongside skilled artisan hands, ensuring meticulous attention to detail in every piece. Multiple quality checks guarantee consistency and reliability across materials, dimensions, and packaging – each product a testament to Prebor’s unwavering commitment.

Leadership with a Vision:

At the helm of Prebor are Mr. Parveen Khurana and Mrs. Seema Khurana, industry veterans with decades of experience guiding the company’s strategic vision. Their entrepreneurial spirit has fueled Prebor’s rapid growth since 2019, and their global ambitions are evident in the company’s strategic expansion through digital channels, marketing alliances, and strategic logistics partnerships. Mr. Khurana asserts, “Prebor embodies a passion for quality and design excellence. We seamlessly blend age-old artisanal techniques like hand hammering and lacquer polishing with cutting-edge technology to craft products that embody the future of stainless steel. Building upon our legacy, Prebor promises an exceptional experience at every touchpoint.”


A Glimpse into Prebor’s Exquisite World:

•           Flatware Collection: Opulence redefined, the Classic, Italiano, Prime, and Elite sets exude understated luxury with forged and polished cutlery, each piece ergonomically designed for perfect balance and comfort.

•           Barware Collection: From wine coolers to ice buckets and shakers, this range ignites drama and flair. Materials like copper, brass, and glass add intrigue, while rose gold and hammered metal finishes create visual interest.

•           Tableware Collection: Serving platters, salad bowls, chargers, cruets, tea sets – each piece in this collection seamlessly blends utility and style for elegant tablescapes. Intricate embossing, colored enamels, and hand hammering lend a touch of palatial charm.

•           Chafers Collection: Available in round, square, and rectangular profiles, these technologically advanced chafers maintain optimal temperatures for food holding and presentation. Materials like copper and signature handles lend individuality.

•           Buffet Collection: Ideal for lavish spreads, multiple tiers and geometric forms allow for customized configurations. Connectors, risers, and glass shelving enable modular designs and efficient space utilization.

Mr. Khurana further elaborates on Prebor’s export advantage: “Indian products are globally renowned for their inherent artistry. With Prebor’s zeal for innovation, we are building trust and admiration for Indian manufacturers worldwide.”

A Legacy Woven into the Future:

Prebor’s success story is woven with the rich tapestry of six decades of setting benchmarks in quality and customer service. Inheriting world-class manufacturing expertise and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Prebor is poised to take the world by storm.

From luxe hotels in Thailand to Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe, Prebor aims to capture the imagination of buyers across geographies and cultures. Its catalog features products meticulously designed with international aesthetics and sensibilities, backed by in-depth market research and a deep understanding of regional preferences. Prebor’s expert sales and marketing team, with years of cross-border industry experience, devises targeted strategies for customer acquisition and brand building, ensuring Prebor becomes synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship and exceptional service on a global scale.

Nimble and Globally Aware:

Prebor’s production capabilities are not only agile but also responsive to international client needs. The company prides itself on delivering prompt services and customized solutions, with stringent quality control and compliance with global standards building confidence in discerning foreign buyers. Packaging not only withstands long-distance transport but also minimizes environmental impact. Recognizing the potential of collaboration, Prebor is open to joint ventures and partnerships to further strengthen its overseas presence.

Elevating Indian Manufacturing:

Prebor’s vision extends beyond crafting exquisite products; it aims to elevate the image of Indian manufacturing on the global stage. The company prioritizes upskilling its workforce, keeping abreast of the latest technologies, and upholding ethical practices throughout its operations. This commitment to continuous improvement guarantees not only a superior product but also fosters trust and admiration for Indian craftsmanship worldwide.

More than just a stainless steel brand, Prebor embodies a spirit of innovation, customer-centricity, and global ambition. By seamlessly blending tradition with cutting-edge technology, the company offers products that are both timeless and trendsetting. In doing so, Prebor paves the way for a future where Indian-made stainless steel not only competes on the world stage but shines as a beacon of quality and excellence.

So, whether you’re a Michelin-starred chef seeking the perfect chafing dish or a homeowner looking to elevate your table setting, Prebor has something for you. With its unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, customer service, and ethical practices, Prebor invites you to experience the future of stainless steel – beautifully crafted, meticulously designed, and proudly Indian.

Choose Prebor, and choose excellence.

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