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Pupils at Wellington College Tianjin Shine in the COBIS X Debate Mate Competition

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Pupils at Wellington College Tianjin Shine in the COBIS X Debate Mate Competition

January 20
01:36 2024

What is the purpose of debate?

Getting attention and winning?

Fostering debate skills and critical thinking? 

Or just to enjoy the feeling of the sparkles of ideas through rigorous discussions? 

It depends on different individuals’ interpretation of the purpose of debate, while the debate team at Wellington College International Tianjin expressed their own interpretation of the question during the internationally renowned COBIS X Debate Mate Competition.

The team members were elected from the debate club that had just been established by Mr Siddiq, providing pupils with a platform to develop their debate skills, engage in deep talks regarding the issues around society, and help pupils develop a habit of thoughtful talks.

Through rigorous training, the pupils at Wellington College Tianjin are encouraged to think critically, construct persuasive arguments, and develop their own unique speaking style.

Wellington College International Tianjin

2023 EPQ Programme

What is the COBIS X Debate Mate competition?

The COBIS X Debate Mate competition is an annual event that brings together pupils from COBIS (Council of British International Schools) member schools worldwide to compete in a highly challenging and intellectually stimulating debate format.

It has not been an easy journey, as the competition went online. 

The challenges involved meant it was hard for teammates to communicate and discuss, while the time zone difference also affected the performance of players. However, the school’s performances exceeded all expectations, which left a lasting impression on the judges. The team qualified for the Finals as the third-place team out of over 30 teams.  Wellington College Tianjin also had 2 of the Star Speakers, an award given to the top 5 pupils at the tournament. 

Wellington College International Tianjin

House Debate

These experiences have benefitted us substantially but have also enhanced their views and perspectives as global citizens. 

The competition made the pupils who have well received British Education in Tianjin more skilled through the development of teamwork, critical thinking, and logical inference. All of team members involved in the competition also experienced growth on a more personal level, and they gained a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives, learned to respectfully challenge beliefs, and further developed their ability to construct compelling arguments backed by research and evidence.

Wellington College International Tianjin

Overall, Wellington College International Tianjin’s performance on the COBIS X Debate Mate competition has justified the value of the school which encourages us to “Be You, Be More”. This British international school Tianjin is able to find their identities, showcase their talent, build confidence, and foster intellectual growth. To look further, as Wellington College Tianjin continues to excel both inside and outside the classroom, the school’s commitment to holistic education shines brightly – molding individuals who possess the skills, knowledge, and empathy needed to thrive in an interconnected world. 

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