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Netflix, Disney, Apple aims to Upgrade Content Experience, and WIMI Hologram AR+ Builds Streaming AI Vision

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Netflix, Disney, Apple aims to Upgrade Content Experience, and WIMI Hologram AR+ Builds Streaming AI Vision

October 21
03:17 2020

Hong Kong – The continuous upgrading and optimization of AI, 5G, AR, 8K and other technologies will directly affect, enrich, and even change people’s lifestyles and entertainment. As for streaming media, while advocating content as the crucial part, it is also constantly trying to provide audiences with a more personalized experience, gaining a larger market and more fans through the aid of technology. Moreover, the era of streaming media 2.0 may come.

With the fierce competition in the streaming media market, major platforms are competing for resources. The amount of original content has been completely unable to meet the needs of the audience, and high-quality development has become a problem faced by various companies. Therefore, in addition to increasing investment in original content, both foreign and domestic streaming media platforms are turning to improve content quality.

Nowadays, the demands on video form are changing again. For example, the time to watch videos is becoming more and more fragmented. There are short videos, double-speed watching, cross-screen watching, and so on, which shows that people are becoming more and more independent and personal in watching videos. In the critical period of the transformation of the video industry, the video platform broke the situation by relying on AI technology, and what it had to solve was the problem of client-side experience and the efficiency problem for businesses. From this point of view, seizing the multimodal video character recognition track also has a deeper significance.

Global streaming media has experienced several waves from the rise of the Internet and the content race. A new wave of 5G is coming, and all the contestants are ready to start. According to the latest news, Apple plans to add AR content to its streaming service Apple TV+, aiming to attract and retain subscribers and promote Apple’s AR technology. Netflix announced that it will launch the multiple speed playback feature, which allows users to slow down videos at 0.5 and 0.75 times, and play videos at 1.25 and 1.5 times faster, and the purpose is to meet the needs of users with different preferences for playing rhythm.

The recently released by PVOD pattern distribution of Disney film “Mulan” not only supports Disney+, but also supports direct purchase by users in the app stores, such as Apple, Google, and Roku. According to foreign analysts, if Disney authorizes cooperation with third party applications, they will take at least 20% – 30% of the income, but it can exchange for a better user experience of online film distribution. It shows that video streaming media is taking the improvement of user experience as an important competitive project for long-term development.

Whether it is the international streaming media, such as Netflix, Disney +, Apple TV, or China’s Focusky, they have shown signs of withdrawing from the quagmire of content copyright competition, forming differentiated content styles; especially after short videos capturing a large number of user time and became the “public enemies” of many Internet players who depend on users time, overtaking on technical corners evolved into a fierce undercover battle.

WIMI Hologram Cloud has a leading AR holographic application platform in China, which is mainly used in entertainment, advertising, education, and other industries. Meanwhile, the hardware environment is relatively mature, which is very beneficial to the development of software and content in these fields. According to Frost & Sullivan, WIMI has become the leading hologram AR application platform in China in terms of total revenue.

In the holographic AR plug-in advertising application, WIMI has verified these technology modules, and continues to develop and upgrade these technology modules. WIMI firmly believes that this technology will bring new business growth to applications such as celebrity advertising, movie releases, and live video streaming.

Equipped with advanced AR+3D scanning applications and simulation solutions, WIMI Hologram is able to scan objects from all angles, capturing more image details than most of its peers. As a result, according to Frost & Sullivan, WIMI is able to identify and capture up to 550 image data blocks per unit, which greatly exceeds the average market level of 40 to 50 image data blocks.

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