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Phantom Blade Productions: Ximphonic Versus, the 30-Year ‘Final Fantasy’ Successor, Haunts Walmart and Global Streaming

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Phantom Blade Productions: Ximphonic Versus, the 30-Year ‘Final Fantasy’ Successor, Haunts Walmart and Global Streaming

July 10
19:04 2024

Vineland, NJ – Phantom Blade Productions LLC is thrilled to announce the expansion of its groundbreaking fantasy series, Ximphonic Versus, into new and exciting realms. After 30 years of dedicated creation, series creator Scotlynd Xing Xin-Bedford overcame 175 publisher rejections, now his brand achieved monumental success, selling over 7,000 physical copies without crowdfunding. The series has now secured multiple TV deals and is set to significantly impact streaming platforms and retail outlets. Ximphonic Versus is a captivating creator-owned fantasy world defying genre limitations. It uniquely blends elements of A universe like Dark Fantasy, Horror, and Wuxia. Created by artist and writer Scotlynd Xing Xin-Bedford, it tells the story of Prince Addonnis, who embarks on a fantastical and perilous quest after love and redemption. With a unique baroque aesthetic and hauntingly beautiful rich characters, designs and lore. Originally a comic book facing rejection, Ximphonic Versus is a dark and romantic tale that has become a multimedia sensation poised for massive expansion into animation and toys.

In an exciting development, the Ximphonic Versus anime series is slated to stream on major platforms and Phantom Blade Productions is working in collaboration with Disney+ and Hulu to help promote the series. This partnership will introduce the series to millions of viewers, further cementing its place in the hearts of fantasy enthusiasts. It will also pave the way for future collaborations and adaptations, bringing the world of Ximphonic Versus to life in new and innovative ways. Often compared to ‘Final Fantasy’ for its complex and detailed art, that is a major theme for series creator Xing Xin, developing an artstyle unlike any other.  Story: Ximphonic Versus: Nocturnes Romance, a dark love story that follows the journey of Crowned Prince Addonnis Neos Latrunculus, the Heir Apparent to The Divine Throne of the Noctium Imperium. He is the last of a venerated and noble bloodline with the duty of protecting the Swords of Eon. The story is about an 800-year-long Sanctum Victorian War, fueled by the inherent hatreds and conflicts between various factions, notably the Countith’alyian Dynasty.

On the edge of a historic moment, as a peace treaty signing is proposed to end the prolonged war, Prince Addonnis attends the event alongside his mentor Concerto Maestro, still grieving the loss of his beloved wife, unaware of the tragedies that are to come.

At this treaty signing, Addonnis encounters Princess Sappheiros Soir-Florentissima, a noble maiden from the Glass Kingdom. He discovers that she shares his rare ability to behold “Celestial Light” and learns of a prophecy concerning the Last True King, who is said to possess the power to resurrect the dead. As the night progresses, Addonnis is summoned away on a clandestine task by the stewards of his kingdom, leading him on a dangerous mission to retrieve a mask known as Hi’Ramouth. As he will soon be forced to choose between two evil’s and the woman he loves, embarking on a quest of passion & horror. Themes:Xing has drawn inspiration from notable literary works and game franchises including Lord Of The Rings, Hamlet, Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Final Fantasy. The series focuses on themes of sadness, tragedy, and the complexities of human emotions within a fantasy setting. It emphasizes the nature of relationships and personal struggles, touching upon topics such as love, heartbreak, forgiveness, and the battle against evil. Additionally, Ximphonic Versus aims to provide support and understanding for individuals coping with PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

Merchandise and Expansion:Phantom Blade Productions has expanded the Ximphonic Versus franchise through merchandise, including an action figure line produced by Phantom Blade Kaiden Toys in collaboration with Rexticon Toys. The action figures, inspired by characters from the series, are highly detailed in design and come with multiple accessories. Furthermore, Xing Xin has also founded Phantom Blade Animation to facilitate the expansion of the Ximphonic Versus universe into additional media formats. The action figure line will be available with the company’s retail partner Walmart, and later other online retailers starting summer 2024.Reception and Recognition:Ximphonic Versus has received acclaim from various entertainment industry entities, including cable networks, game developers, and professional publishers such as Netflix, HBO, and Image Comics. The series was awarded the “IP of the Year” by the International Creative Content Awards (ICCA) in 2022. Additionally, it has received praise from actors and actresses from popular television shows and opera singers.

ScreenRant:Ximphonic Versus was featured on Screen Rant as “The Best Indie Comic You Haven’t Read Yet,” further increasing its visibility among audiences. 

“In the crucible of imagination, we craft worlds that ignite passions and forge legendary IPs for streaming, video games, and action figures. Step into the blaze of our creations, where beauty intertwines with chaos, and legends are forged,” Says the creator, Scotlynd Xing Xin-Bedford. “Our realms, shaped by fire, beat with the hearts of heroes who light up the stars and villains who embody the essence of midnight. These breathtaking epics captivate audiences, pulling them into thrilling, evocative worlds of romanticized darkness, where every moment is a journey into the extraordinary.”

Through the imaginative blending of fantasy and reality, Ximphonic Versus creates a unique emotional landscape that resonates deeply with its audience. The richly layered narrative and vivid character development offer an immersive escape, creating a sanctuary for all. With so much happening for Ximphonic Versus, and the IP going global, fans can rejoice and expect to be thrilled by this trawling fantasy adventure that has defied expectations. 

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