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Creative Biolabs Launches New Pluripotency Characterization and Complement Assay Services

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Creative Biolabs Launches New Pluripotency Characterization and Complement Assay Services

July 10
18:44 2024
Last month, Creative Biolabs launched a series of innovative services and products aimed at advancing research in pluripotency characterization and the complement system.

New York, USA – July 10, 2024 – The latest offerings from Creative Biolabs include iPSC pluripotency biomarker detection, teratoma formation assays, and functional assay kits targeting complement C1q, providing enhanced experimental solutions for the global research community.

In-Depth iPSC Potential Analysis

Creative Biolabs offers comprehensive iPSC pluripotency characterization services, covering key steps from RNA extraction to immunofluorescence staining. Using advanced molecular biology techniques, these services precisely analyze critical gene expression levels in iPSCs to thoroughly assess their pluripotency status.

Through extensive research, Creative Biolabs’ team has analyzed the expression of three key pluripotency markers—SSEA-4, TRA-1-60, and NANOG—in newly derived iPSCs. In addition to established markers, they are exploring additional gene markers for iPSC pluripotency.

“Our focus on iPSC pluripotency characterization is foundational to our mission. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality, tailored services that empower clients to fully exploit the potential of induced pluripotent stem cells,” stated Creative Biolabs’ chief scientist.

Critical Pluripotency Validation

Furthermore, Creative Biolabs introduces teratoma formation assays for iPSC as a pivotal tool for validating iPSC pluripotency. This assay involves co-transplanting human iPSCs with mitotically inactivated feeder cells into immunodeficient mice to assess their ability to form teratomas and their potential for multilineage differentiation.

“The teratoma formation assay is also an effective tool for assessing the tumorigenic potential of human iPSCs,” noted the scientist, “offering insights into iPSC pluripotency through assessment of their differentiation into ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm cell types.”

Creative Biolabs also provides efficient iPSC generation and application services, along with multi-electrode array technology for electrophysiological characterization of various iPSC-derived cell lines.

Advancing Complement System Research

In complement system research, Creative Biolabs has launched advanced functional assay kits targeting complement C1q. These kits accurately assess C1q’s binding function, offering a reliable experimental tool that enhances the precision of complement system research.

“Our complement C1q functional assay kit not only improves the accuracy of complement function assessment but also simplifies the experimental workflow, saving researchers valuable time and resources.”

Creative Biolabs offers a range of C1q products, including the Human Complement C1q ELISA Kits, Rabbit Anti-Human Complement C1Q Polyclonal Antibodies, Native Human Complement C1q Proteins, and Complement C1 Peptide Inhibitors, among others.

“At Creative Biolabs, we prioritize quality and client satisfaction. In iPSC and complement system research, our expert team delivers customized solutions and efficient technical support,” emphasized the scientist.

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About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is a global leader in biotechnology services, specializing in pluripotency characterization, complement system research, and customized experimental services. From September 3rd to 5th, Creative Biolabs will showcase their innovative bispecific and multispecific antibody services at the 15th Annual World Bispecific Summit, exploring new avenues in collaboration with researchers worldwide.

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