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Creative Biolabs is Ahead of the Curve in Oncolytic Virus Therapy

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Creative Biolabs is Ahead of the Curve in Oncolytic Virus Therapy

July 09
14:44 2024
Creative Biolabs significantly contributes to the advancement of oncolytic virus therapy with full-set services and blue-ribbon products.

New York, USA – July 9, 2024 – Research is underway in labs worldwide to determine if pathogens, which are often found in humans and may cause diseases like influenza, can be utilized in a safe and effective manner to target and eliminate cancer cells, thus oncolytic viruses (OVs) emerging as the times require, which are genetically engineered viruses to infect and lyse cancer cells while sparing healthy tissue. Creative Biolabs excels in the field by offering end-to-end oncolytic virus therapy development services. In a recent release, a representative scientist highlighted their solutions for preclinical studies to ensure a comprehensive, dedicated R&D process.

Oncolytic Virus Immunogenicity Study: The Gateway to Effectiveness

“Immunogenicity is one of the most prominent problems to conquer when developing oncolytic viral drugs,” according to the scientist, “which is measured by the level of anti-drug antibodies (ADAs). We can perform assays to monitor the antibodies against the oncolytic virus vector and transgene, neutralization antibodies against the oncolytic virus, and complement-mediated anti-oncolytic virus activities, thus evaluating the innate and adaptive immune response to the candidate oncolytic virus backbone and the transgene. We ensure that our clients receive comprehensive and accurate immunogenicity data.”

Oncolytic Virus Efficacy Study: The Guardians of Therapeutic Viability

Preclinical in vivo efficacy studies will provide more powerful information for later development and are a critical determinant of its success for oncolytic virus therapy in clinical settings. Creative Biolabs offers robust efficacy studies with resourceful synergistic and xenograft mouse models to provide valuable insights into the virus’s ability to selectively target and eliminate cancer cells, thereby supporting the development of potent and reliable cancer treatments.

“All our studies are designed to meet the highest standards of scientific rigor, which can be performed in GLP-compliant and IACUC-regulated facilities by certified technicians.” The scientist said.

Oncolytic Virus Toxicology Study: The Visa for Safety

FDA guidelines require an integrated summary of the toxicologic effects of pharmaceuticals in animals and in vitro before any new drug applies for approval for listing. Creative Biolabs has developed various assays to analyze the toxicity of oncolytic viruses and the expressed transgene in terms of:

* Oncolytic virus shedding study

* Clinical observations

* Gross organ pathology

* Histopathology

* Transgene specific toxicity

* Off-target toxicity

As oncolytic virus therapy continues to gain traction as a viable cancer treatment, Creative Biolabs remains committed to driving innovation and excellence in this field. For more information about Creative Biolabs and their services, visit


Creative Biolabs is a leading biotechnology company dedicated to advancing biomedical research through innovative solutions. With a focus on oncolytic virus therapy, the company continues to drive advancements that redefine cancer treatment strategies globally.

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