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Landlord will launch its first season around July

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Landlord will launch its first season around July

July 05
19:48 2024

Landlord is an innovative game that combines the traditional monopoly gameplay with blockchain technology, delivering an unprecedented entertainment experience.

In July, Landlord will launch its first season, marking the debut of its initial version. We hope to bring players a brand-new full-chain gaming experience.


In Landlord, players first need to purchase an admission ticket. The core gameplay involves rolling dice to determine the distance of a plane ticket, which lands on corresponding blocks. On these blocks, players have several options:

1. Purchase Blocks: Players can buy the blocks they land on, increasing their assets.

2. Force Buy Others’ Blocks: Players can choose to forcefully purchase blocks from other players, expanding their territory.

3. Steal Assets from Others’ Blocks: Players can also steal assets from other players’ blocks, boosting their own income.

4. Upgrade Land Cards: Players can use game coins to upgrade land cards, increasing the value and income of their blocks.

5. Quick Upgrade of Land Cards: Players can use game coins in the thief game to quickly upgrade land cards and earn more points.

 Special Cards and Functions in Landlord

1. Reduce Designated Block Income Card: Permanently reduces the income of a designated block by 50%.

2. Increase Designated Block Income Card: Permanently increases the income of a designated block by 50%.

3. Reduce Designated Grid Points Card: Reduces the points of a specific grid by 50%.

4. Increase Designated Grid Points Card: Increases the points of a specific grid.

5. Pardon Card: Pardons the loss of a block due to a fine once.

6. Hospitalization Card: Temporarily makes an opponent lose all block income for 3 days.

7. Emergency Card: Provides an emergency opportunity to restore a block from the hospitalized state to normal.

8. Discount Card for Block Upgrades: Enjoys a 50% discount when upgrading blocks.

9. Points Airdrop Card: Rewards 500 ladder points.

10. Directional Plane Ticket: Directly lands on a designated block.

11. Tradable Block Upgrade Discount Card: Enjoys a discount when upgrading tradable blocks, increasing investment appeal.

12. Enter Block to Increase Points: Adds 100 points when a player enters a block, with the multiplier increasing up to 1.2 times as the level goes up.

These cards and features offer players strategic choices and enhancement opportunities in the game, helping them gain an edge in the competition. Players will compete for leaderboard positions and earn rewards such as cash USDT or Ethereum. We look forward to your exploration and participation in more gameplay features.

We invite all strategy game and blockchain technology enthusiasts to join us and experience the new world of entertainment that Landlord offers. For more information, please visit our official website and follow our social media platforms.

Stay tuned to Landlord’s official channels for specific times and information:

– Website: [The Landlord Games] (

– Twitter: [@TheLandlord2023] (

– Discord: [The Landlord Discord] (

– Medium: [The Landlord on Medium] (

Join Landlord and become the next virtual real estate tycoon!

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