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ZHAOWEI Launches Next-Generation Integrated Intelligent Drum Motors for Enhanced Industrial Automation_v1

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ZHAOWEI Launches Next-Generation Integrated Intelligent Drum Motors for Enhanced Industrial Automation_v1

June 28
22:01 2024

ZHAOWEI, one of China’s leading micro drive system manufacturers, proudly announces the launch of its new generation of integrated intelligent drum motors. Widely used in industrial automation, these advanced drum motors are set to revolutionize operations in sorting, warehousing, and distribution. By integrating these state-of-the-art motors, production lines can achieve significant improvements in efficiency and precision, providing high-quality and convenient solutions for industrial manufacturing.

Enhanced Efficiency and Reliability for Industrial Applications

The intelligent drum motors by ZHAOWEI are designed for durability, reliability, and high load capacity, making them ideal for production line applications. The all-in-one design integrates the control module directly into the drum, allowing for easy installation with fixed brackets on both ends. The motors are highly sealed, ensuring long-term performance. Speed control can be synchronized with automation equipment, enhancing operational synergy. With efficiency rates ranging from 62% to 70%, these motors outperform traditional speed control motors by over 24% under the same load conditions. Available in 60mm and 76mm diameters, these drums are encased in PVC sleeves and anti-slip rubber covers, respectively, which prevent conveyor belt slippage and protect the metal drums from wear and tear. These features make them perfect for applications in sorting, warehousing, and distribution.

Meeting the Stringent Hygiene Standards in Food Processing

Global food and beverage factory operators prioritize operational efficiency, safety, and hygiene. When used in food processing plants, motors and drives must be durable, reliable, and meet stringent hygiene requirements. ZHAOWEI’s drum motors are meticulously designed to comply with these demands. The motors resist corrosion and can withstand rigorous cleaning processes. Their sealed design prevents contamination, ensuring that they maintain optimal hygiene standards. Moreover, all production processes are carried out in ZHAOWEI’s dust-free workshops, guaranteeing the highest level of quality and cleanliness, enabling them ideal for the most demanding environments in food processing.

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