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Creative Biolabs Unveils Comprehensive Exosome Development Platform Capabilities

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Creative Biolabs Unveils Comprehensive Exosome Development Platform Capabilities

June 27
19:44 2024
After years of dedicated work, Creative Biolabs has accumulated professional experience in exosome development and continues to refine its development platform through practical application.

New York, USA – June 27, 2024 – Exosomes have garnered increasing attention and research due to their crucial role in cell communication, disease diagnosis, therapy, and drug delivery. “Creative Biolabs has been deeply committed to researching exosome development solutions. Over the years, we have provided comprehensive and customized exosome development services to meet the experimental needs of researchers from various fields,” said an exosome expert from Creative Biolabs.

Exosome Engineering Services

For instance, exosome labeling is essential in studying the biodistribution, cellular uptake, and tumor targeting of exosomes. Creative Biolabs offers multiple labeling methods to facilitate precise tracking and analysis of exosomes.

• Fluorescent Labeling

This method uses fluorescent dyes (such as GFP, RFP, etc.) to label exosomes, making it the most common approach. These labeled exosomes can be detected using fluorescence microscopy or flow cytometry, particularly suitable for studying exosome biodistribution, targeted delivery, and cellular uptake mechanisms.

“The principle of fluorescent labeling can also be applied to various aspects of exosome isolation, purification, quantification, and analysis. Creative Biolabs offers kits for different scenarios,” the expert added, “such as exosome flow cytometry kits, which streamline the process without the need for expensive equipment.”

Exosome Biotin Labeling

Biotin labeling technology allows exosomes to be efficiently separated and detected through streptavidin affinity. This simple and effective labeling method is suitable for various sample types and analysis needs. Biotin-labeled exosomes are widely used in biodistribution studies, targeted delivery research, and high-throughput screening.

Exosome Cargo Loading

As natural nano-carriers, exosomes possess excellent biocompatibility and low immunogenicity, making them ideal carriers for gene and drug delivery. “Our services include loading specific genes or gene-editing tools (such as CRISPR/Cas9) into exosomes, enabling efficient and safe gene delivery for gene therapy.”

Additionally, in drug development, Creative Biolabs offers services to load various drugs, small molecules, proteins, or RNA into exosomes, achieving targeted drug delivery.

Exosome Antibody Development

As for the solution to this service, Creative Biolabs utilizes phage display antibody screening and B cell sorting technology to help discover antibodies that can recognize exosome-related antigens with sufficient sensitivity and specificity.

The expert also mentioned, “With these technologies, we have launched an exosome antibody development platform that combines the advantages of multi-specific antibodies and exosomes as carriers to develop exosomes modified with multiple antibodies for enhanced targeted delivery.”

Creative Biolabs’ platform also offers services and high-quality products such as exosome analysis, characterization, and manufacturing, meeting researchers’ needs in basic research.

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Through continuous innovation and technological optimization, Creative Biolabs is committed to advancing the frontier of exosome research, bringing more breakthroughs and progress to the biomedical field. From September 17-19, Creative Biolabs will be featured at the 6th Exosome Based Therapeutic Development Summit, discussing new possibilities in exosome research with researchers from around the world.

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