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BidsCube Partners with Huawei for Enhanced DSP Integration

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BidsCube Partners with Huawei for Enhanced DSP Integration

June 27
14:05 2024

BidsCube is beginning a strategic partnership with Huawei, offering advertisers direct integration with Huawei’s extensive inventory. This collaboration allows our Demand Side Platform, including white-label solutions, to create exclusive campaigns for Huawei’s premium inventory, unlocking new opportunities for targeted advertising and mobile traffic monetization.

Access to Premium Inventory

This partnership provides our demand partners seamless access to an extensive list of inbound marketing inventory, encompassing Huawei’s proprietary assets and its vast network of partners. Advertisers who use our DSP platform can now create and manage campaigns tailored to these premium inventories, ensuring maximum reach and impact within Huawei’s ecosystem.

Monetizing Mobile Traffic

Effectively monetizing mobile traffic is crucial. This cooperation opens a way for the Huawei publisher’s network to monetize in-app traffic, particularly on Android platforms. As Huawei’s mobile market share grows, advertisers gain access to high-quality, high-conversion mobile traffic. This partnership touches all Android or Harmony OS devices, not only Huawei devices.

Superior Traffic Quality

A standout feature of this partnership is the access to high-quality traffic through Huawei’s inventory. Premium traffic translates to higher conversion rates due to a more targeted and relevant audience. Advertisers can expect better performance metrics, from click-through rates to overall engagement, leading to a higher ROI.

Tailored Campaigns for Optimal Performance

This integration empowers advertisers to create and manage separate campaigns on our DSP exclusively for Huawei’s inventory. Such control and customization are crucial for effective ad promotion and optimization. Advertisers can test strategies, creatives, and targeting options to determine what works best within this unique inventory.

With direct integration into Huawei’s premium inventory, the potential for creating impactful, high-conversion campaigns is greater than ever. Advertisers now have access to a powerful combination of high-quality traffic, advanced campaign management tools, and new monetization opportunities in the mobile space. This collaboration enhances our DSP’s capabilities and sets a new standard for digital advertising excellence.

For more information about this partnership, please refer to our detailed whitepaper.

About Huawei

Huawei is a global leader in telecommunications and consumer electronics, and it is known for its innovative products and solutions. With a strong presence in over 170 countries, Huawei serves over three billion people worldwide. The company’s extensive ecosystem includes smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and a wide range of connected devices, making it a key player in mobile and digital advertising.

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