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Q-GEMSF Acquires Historic Rare Earths Project with Reported 226 g/t Gallium, 2.38% Neodymium and 0.93% Gadolinium, Seeks North American Government Funding

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Q-GEMSF Acquires Historic Rare Earths Project with Reported 226 g/t Gallium, 2.38% Neodymium and 0.93% Gadolinium, Seeks North American Government Funding

June 26
17:04 2024
Infinity Stone Ventures Corp., acquires historic Rare Earths critical metals and critical minerals prospect in Quebec, historic 226 grams per tonne Gallium and 0.93% Gadolinium reported.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – June 26, 2024 – Infinity Stone Ventures Corp. (Q:GEMSF) (FSE:B2I) (the “Company” or “Infinity Stone”) announces today the acquisition of 100% interest in a historic Rare Earth project located in Quebec.

The historic reported results are significant, with highest values reported of 226 grams per tonne Gallium, 0.93% Gadolinium. Other results from the same grab sample were reported as: 1.51 % Be, 2.99 % Ce, 1.41 % Dy, 1.08 % Er, 226 ppm Ga, 0.93 % Gd, 0.32 % Ho, 0.74 % La, 0.17 % Lu, 2.38 % Nd, 0.5 % Pr, 0.81 % Sm, 0.21 % Tb, 0.47 % Th, 0.19 % Tm, 0.19 % U, 6.94 % Y, 1.25 % Yb.

The Gallium values are significant as Australian Stock Exchange listed Gold 50 Ltd., recently announced a financing for the Gallium drilled results which range from 40 grams per tonne Gallium to over 10 grams per tonne Gallium in multiple holes on an Australian Project. Critically, since China has limited exports of Gallium the price for Gallium has increased dramatically, with China doubling prices to 454 Pounds per Kilogram as reported April 8, 2024.

Ana Laura Lopez Pineda a current Director of the Company stated, “The dramatic rise of the price of Gallium coupled with the significant historic results reported, which are 6 times to 20 times higher than the reported drill intercept values of Australia based Gold 50 Ltd., which has raised over 1.5 million dollars to advance their Gallium project, offers an exceptional opportunity for the Company. As well, the Gadolinium value reported is just under 1% Gd which is the value used to boost the strength of certain iron and chromium alloys and used in Nuclear Reactors. The Company will seek government financing to advance these projects as Canada recently announced the refusal of a takeover by a Chinese based Company of a Canadian Rare Earth project.”

About Gallium

Gallium is a rare earth and supplies worldwide are limited and controlled by China. Gallium is listed as a Critical Metal for North American supplies. Gallium arsenide has a similar structure to silicon and is a useful silicon substitute for the electronics industry. Gallium is an important component of many semiconductors.

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About Infinity Stone Ventures Corp.

Infinity Stone’s mission is to be a diversified, single-source supplier for the critical energy metals being used in the clean energy revolution alongside its established SaaS (software as a service) solution portfolio. Infinity Stone is meeting the demand from battery and wind turbine manufacturers, nuclear and hydrogen energy producers, and energy metals speculators by acquiring 100-per-cent interest in critical mineral deposits and occurrences in stable mining-friendly jurisdictions, close to final-use destinations in North American manufacturing hubs. The company recently announced its 100-per-cent acquisition of the Goldstone Project in Saskatchewan in the area of Ramp Metals Inc., new Gold Discovery, with the ground adjacent to Fathom Nickel Inc.; the Thor manganite occurrence located in Quebec; ground in Ontario and British Columbia in the area of American Eagle Gold Corp. and Defense Metals Corp.; ground adjacent to Frontier Lithium in Ontario; and ground adjacent to Li-FT Power in the Northwest Territories; and ground adjacent.

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