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Countdown of 100 Days to the Global Chinese Confucianism Summit on September 28th, Conference Promotional Video and Logo Officially Released

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Countdown of 100 Days to the Global Chinese Confucianism Summit on September 28th, Conference Promotional Video and Logo Officially Released

June 20
18:25 2024

“Learning from esteemed teachers and exchanging with fellow scholars, we seek wisdom.” On June 20th, the press conference for the Global Chinese Confucianism Summit on September 28th was held in Beijing. September 28th marks the birth of Confucius, and Shangpin Hall initiated the concept of “Confucianism Day” on 9.28. This year, the inaugural Global Chinese Confucianism Summit will be held on September 28th at Yanqi Lake in Huairou, Beijing, aiming to promote the outstanding traditional Chinese culture, facilitate innovative applications, and inheritance and development of Confucianism. June 20th also marked the 100-day countdown to the first Global Chinese Confucianism Summit, during which the summit’s promotional video, logo, and organizing committee list were unveiled.

The press conference was attended by Professor Wang Jie, the head of the Philosophy Department of the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China and the president of the Chinese Practical Learning Research Association; Yang Dongquan, former director of the Central Archives and former director of the National Archives Administration; General Xue Guo’an, a professor at the National Defense University; Wang Mingliang, the executive vice president of Shangpin Hall Confucian Academy; He Deyi, the founder and chairman of Shangpin Hall; and Zhu Kangyou, the vice president of the Chinese Practical Learning Research Association, among other guests.


The “9.28 Global Chinese Confucianism Summit” is led by the renowned Confucian scholar Lou Yuliang as the chief consultant, organized by the Chinese Practical Learning Research Association, and initiated by Shangpin Hall, offering a global cultural feast of Confucianism.

In his speech, President Wang Jie pointed out that the Book of Changes states, “To protect harmony and unity is beneficial and proper.” Chinese culture pursues a state of unity in diversity and harmonious coexistence. The Global Chinese Confucianism Summit on 9.28 provides a platform for global researchers, enthusiasts, and practitioners of Confucianism to exchange ideas and learn from each other. It enhances the cultural identity, sense of belonging, and national confidence of the global Chinese community, promotes mutual learning of civilizations, sparks intellectual collisions through communication, and fosters consensus. At the same time, it promotes the inheritance and innovation of Confucian culture, enhances the international influence of Chinese culture, and facilitates the creative transformation and innovative development of outstanding traditional Chinese culture, contributing to the inheritance and development of Chinese culture.

Chairman He Deyi stated, “By examining things and seeking knowledge, acting with sincerity and rectifying the mind, cultivating oneself, harmonizing the family, governing the country, and bringing peace to the world.” This phrase encapsulates the core significance and values of Confucianism for traditional Chinese people. For businesspeople, the “sincerity, rectitude, self-cultivation, and harmonious family” principles taught by Confucianism are precisely what we need to continuously return to in this era to draw wisdom from the “great use of uselessness” found in Confucianism. “Today’s business spirit is altruistic. If you can satisfy and create users’ needs to the maximum extent, you will gain the most users and achieve business success!” He Deyi said, “Understanding human nature, knowing human nature, and seeing through human nature are crucial qualities for businesspeople. Steve Jobs studied Chinese Zen to cultivate intuition; Bill Gates read The Analects; Li Ka-shing and Ren Zhengfei studied The Book of Lord Shang; Lei Jun studied The Book of Changes; and Zhang Ruimin attributed Haier’s corporate management to Confucianism. Exploring modern wisdom from Confucianism plays an important guiding role in business management.”

Secretary-General Xu Li introduced the basic information of the 9.28 Global Chinese Confucianism Summit and unveiled the conference logo. Xu Li stated that the inaugural 9.28 Global Chinese Confucianism Summit will be held from September 27th to 29th, 2024, at the Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center in Beijing. The summit will invite over 100 renowned Confucian scholars, well-known entrepreneurs, and celebrities to share their wisdom of Confucianism. More than 5,000 cultural institutions, professional scholars, entrepreneurs, and other social elites from around the world and various fields will attend the event.

The summit is divided into five sections: “Establishing a Firm Foundation,” “Integrating Knowledge and Action,” “Self-Cultivation and Harmonious Family,” “Aim for the Ultimate Goodness,” and “Boundless Virtue and Morality.” It includes the opening ceremony to pay tribute to the sages, thought-provoking roundtable forums and keynote speeches, an evening of speeches on Confucian wisdom, recitation of the “Ode to Chinese Culture,” as well as a gala and award ceremony of Confucianism and national style where celebrities from all walks of life gather. This Confucianism summit will address practical methodologies to solve challenging issues related to talent recruitment, personnel assessment, and business management, embracing the breakthrough and transformation guided by Confucianism.

The overall shape of the summit logo features a circular Earth shape, with a dragon-shaped image appearing in the upper-middle position. The middle section portrays the Yellow River flowing through, while the lower part depicts the hand gesture of Confucius performing a ritual. “The dragon symbolizes unity and solidarity, representing Chinese civilization and spirit. The Yellow River culture is the backbone that sustains the continuity of Chinese civilization and serves as the most fundamental reference point for the cognitive understanding of the Chinese nation. Confucius’ gesture of performing a ritual expresses the concept of governing a country with rituals and the expression of the idea ‘self-restraint and the restoration of rituals lead to benevolence’,” said Xu Li.

Mr. Ouyang Guozhong was selected as the promotion ambassador for the 9.28 Global Chinese Confucianism Summit by Shangpin Hall, and Secretary-General Gao Dan of Shangpin Hall Confucian Academy read the recruitment notice. Li Zhongxiu, the dean of Xinghe Huashang Academy; Jiang Yu, the executive dean of Haode Chinese Academy; Liu Feng, a renowned scholar and advocate of high-dimensional wisdom; Wang Junjun, the general manager of Practical Confucianism; and Hou Chuan, the vice president of the Beijing Young Entrepreneurs Association, as a representative of the co-organizers and initiators of the summit, delivered speeches.


The unity of heaven and humanity, the nurturing of all things; seeking truth from facts, integrating knowledge and action; embracing dual perspectives, maintaining harmony through the middle path—these Chinese philosophical and thinking approaches not only play a significant role in personal cultivation and social development, demonstrating the “great use of the useless,” but they also form the core of strategic decision-making and business management for entrepreneurs. The revival and development of traditional Chinese learning are currently underway.

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