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HaitiChildren’s Heroic Rescue Mission Confronts Significant Obstacles, Requesting Immediate Action

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HaitiChildren’s Heroic Rescue Mission Confronts Significant Obstacles, Requesting Immediate Action

June 10
14:02 2024

In a daring and complex rescue operation, HaitiChildren, a non-profit organization dedicated to caring for abandoned, orphaned, and disabled children in Haiti, undertook a mission to relocate 59 disabled children and 13 caregivers from the perilous conditions of war-torn Haiti to the safety of Jamaica. This extraordinary endeavor, led by Susie Krabacher and her husband, Joe, was fraught with danger, including the children being held hostage at one point. Yet, HaitiChildren remained unwavering in their commitment.



Despite their tireless efforts, the situation turned tragic. Nine children died while waiting to leave Haiti. They endured a grueling 14-month wait before receiving approval from the Haitian Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, for the children to seek temporary medical asylum in Jamaica. Access to essential medical care was blocked during this time, compounding the dire health conditions of several other children. These tragic deaths were beyond HaitiChildren’s control, stemming from external barriers that thwarted their desperate attempts to secure the necessary medical treatment.

Among the children, Baby Joe, a young boy suffering from macrocephaly, received life- saving surgery thanks to the swift actions of HaitiChildren and his brother, Christo Romain. Joe, who celebrated his third birthday shortly after the operation, is now on a remarkable path to recovery. His survival is a testament to HaitiChildren’s relentless dedication and the critical importance of timely medical intervention.

Another child, 14-year-old Woobens, suffering from Hirschsprung’s disease, a twisted bowel, and a distended stomach, was in critical need of immediate medical intervention. HaitiChildren’s persistent efforts secured the services of a specialist team at the University Hospital of the West Indies. Woobens has undergone two emergency bowel surgeries after doctors discovered a severe infection. He faces several more procedures and at least one more month of hospitalization. His resilience shines through as he begins to recover, even asking for toys during his hospital stay.

The journey was especially grueling for 15-year-old Guy Marcelin (pictured), who arrived severely malnourished. Guy had been carefully cared for in HaitiChildren’s malnutrition clinic in Haiti, but the treacherous journey to Jamaica, marred by kidnappings and a harrowing 36-hour boat ride, exacerbated his fragile condition. Although initial attempts to transport him to a hospital were thwarted, ambulances were sent twice and turned away in Jamaica—HaitiChildren’s relentless advocacy ensured Guy is now receiving the critical care he needs at Saint Ann’s Bay Hospital. The organization is pushing to establish a partnership with University Hospital for a sustained malnutrition treatment program.

HaitiChildren remains at the forefront of providing for these children’s needs, covering medical care, food, diapers, and housing. However, they urgently need public support to continue their mission and ensure no more lives are lost due to preventable barriers.

Efforts are underway, with the support of the Ministry of Health and an international human rights lawyer, to secure uninterrupted medical access for these children moving forward. HaitiChildren calls for immediate assistance and partnerships to provide ongoing care for these vulnerable children who have endured unimaginable hardships.

For a comprehensive account of the rescue mission and current updates, visit HaitiChildren’s Instagram page at To learn more about the organization’s work and how you can help, visit or contact their team at [email protected]

For marketing and media inquiries for HaitiChildren please contact us directly at [email protected]

To contact Susie, please email [email protected]

Since 1994, HaitiChildren has been a beacon of hope, providing education and care for Haiti’s most vulnerable children. Now more than ever, they need your support to continue their life-saving work. Please consider donating at

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HaitiChildren’s Heroic Rescue Mission Confronts Significant Obstacles, Requesting Immediate Action

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