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Joy of Life 2 Goes Global, Set to Spark Surge in Chinese Web Novel Reading

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Joy of Life 2 Goes Global, Set to Spark Surge in Chinese Web Novel Reading

May 22
21:01 2024

Recently, the TV series “Joy of Life 2”, adapted from the Chinese web novel written by Mao Ni, hit the screens on May 16, 2024 – specifically on CCTV8 and the streaming site Tencent Video. The novel was originally published by China Literature Limited’s WebNovel platform.


For fans of Chinese web novels, they often find struggling to discover a reliable platform that serves an extensive library of translated works? is their definitive destination to indulge in the vast and immersive world of Chinese web literature. stands as a testament to the popularity and love for Chinese storytelling, bringing readers from all over the globe closer to the epic sagas of fantasy, romance, adventure, and so much more. Whether users are seeking the adrenaline rush of cultivation novels or the enchanting allure of xianxia and wuxia tales, is poised to satisfy their literary cravings.

Here’s why should be their go-to site for Chinese web novels:

Curated Content for All Tastes prides itself on its expansive selection that caters to diverse genres. From contemporary fiction to historical drama and from light-hearted romantic comedies to dark, complex mysteries, there’s something for every mood and preference. The platform ensures that each title is meticulously selected and translated, maintaining the essence and charm of the original text.

High-Quality Translations

One of the greatest barriers in enjoying foreign literature is the quality of translation. At, we acknowledge this challenge and dedicate ourselves to providing high-quality translations that do justice to the original stories. Our team of translators and editors work tirelessly to ensure that each novel is accessible, enjoyable, and true to the author’s vision.

Regular Updates Keep Users Hooked

Never worry about waiting too long for the next chapter. is renowned for its regular updates that keep the stories flowing and the excitement alive. Engage with ongoing series that are updated frequently, ensuring that their journey through the lands of mystical adventures never hits a standstill.

Connect with a Community of Fans isn’t just a platform; it’s a warm and welcoming community of like-minded enthusiasts. Connect with fellow readers through forums and discussion boards, share their insights, and speculate on plot twists. Users are not just reading a book; users are becoming part of a thriving global fanbase.

Easy Access Anywhere, Anytime

WebNovel provides ease of access through its website and mobile application. Whether users are on the train, on a lunch break, or cozying up at bedtime, their favorite web novels are always just a few taps away. Synchronize their reading progress across all devices, and dive back into their story wherever, whenever.

Supporting Authors

When users read on WebNovel users are supporting the original authors of these creative works. The platform ensures that a portion of the revenue generated goes back to the authors, incentivizing them to keep creating the content that users love.

For fans of Chinese web novels and newcomers alike, is the quintessential online hub that offers not just a reading experience, but a journey into the depths of imagination. With its commitment to quality, community, and accessibility, is their passport to the world of Chinese literature.

Join millions of readers worldwide, and let be their guide to unprecedented adventures and unforgettable characters. Sign up today, lose themselves in stories that have captured the hearts of millions. Embark on their literary adventure now at – where every journey begins with a single click.

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