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The second “Beautiful Countryside” basketball league finals in Guizhou Province have concluded successfully

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The second “Beautiful Countryside” basketball league finals in Guizhou Province have concluded successfully

May 06
23:02 2024

On the evening of April 27th, the second “Beautiful Countryside” basketball league finals in Guizhou Province concluded successfully. The Kaili team from Qiandongnan in Guizhou Province triumphed over the Weining team from Bijie with a score of 83:58, clinching the championship title. The third place was secured by the Daozhen team from Zunyi, while the Xiuwen team from Guiyang finished in fourth place.

The finals of the second “Beautiful Countryside” basketball league in Guizhou Province began on April 24th. Nine teams representing nine cities and prefectures across Guizhou competed in a total of 20 round-robin matches. The “ultimate showdown” commenced at 9:00 PM on the final night.

During the “ultimate showdown” match, players from both teams engaged in a fierce competition, closely matching each other’s pace with skilled maneuvers, layups, and successful shots. The thrilling gameplay also won rounds of cheers, applause, and shouts of encouragement from the audience, keeping the atmosphere at the venue highly spirited with no empty seats in the stands.

In addition to the exciting game, the prizes awarded at the event also featured a unique “village flavor.” These included special items like Taijiang carp-flavored rice and Miao minority heritage silver hats, as well as local specialties such as Huangping cattle, Rongjiang sheep, and Congjiang pork.

During this highly anticipated basketball extravaganza, the organizers set up a mid-game audience shooting interaction to give back to the passionate support of the fans. The prizes were exceptionally appealing — Xiasi puppies renowned worldwide.

The “Beautiful Countryside” basketball league is a flagship event meticulously crafted by the Guizhou Provincial Sports Bureau. It is the first sports event in Guizhou targeted at rural communities as the main participants. It’s the highest-level provincial event, with the most participants and the longest duration. Organized under the philosophy of “promoting health, culture, tourism, sales, production, and prosperity through sports,” it has not only garnered active participation and warm reception from rural basketball enthusiasts but has also spurred social, economic, and cultural development in Taijiang County, contributing to the revitalization of rural areas through sports.

Building on the foundation of the inaugural league, the second edition continued to uphold the identity of the farmers and the local rural flavor, while innovatively creating a four-tiered competition structure that included open qualifiers, preliminary rounds, semi-finals, and finals. This model expanded its reach, covering a wider geographical area and involving more participants.

To date, the second “Beautiful Countryside” basketball league in Guizhou Province has organized over 4,000 grassroots basketball teams, with 48,730 participants competing in 11,455 matches that reached an audience of 7.52 million people. This represents an increase of over 100% in participation and coverage compared to the first edition. The event has received a positive response from the public and extensive coverage from national media.

Since the “Village BA” phenomenon gained popularity, Taipan Village has planned and built the “Village BA” Mountain Market, which includes a food street, a street for intangible cultural heritage products, and a street for special products. They have established “Village BA” offline experience stores, themed restaurants, and themed tea shops, providing over 420 stalls for the villagers of Taipan and generating employment for more than 1,000 people.

In addition, focusing on the development of the “Village BA+” cultural and tourism industry to bolster the village collective economy, Taipan Village has increased its collective economic income to over 1.16 million yuan by investing in shares of the “Village BA” official offline experience stores, renting out intangible cultural heritage market stalls, and leasing fixed assets.

Today, the substantial traffic generated by “Village BA” continues to release dividends, driving rapid development in multiple industries within the village, including the sale of agricultural products, dining, and accommodations.

By leveraging sports to support production, promote culture, and aid tourism, “Village BA” has become a new engine for rural revitalization in Taijiang County, injecting new vitality into the rural economy.

On the morning of April 28th, the opening ceremony for the third “Beautiful Countryside” basketball league in Guizhou Province was held at the “Village BA” basketball court in Taipan Village, Qiandongnan Prefecture.

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