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Revolutionizing HR with Kindness: Lindsay Mattes’ Vision for a Kinder Workplace

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Revolutionizing HR with Kindness: Lindsay Mattes’ Vision for a Kinder Workplace

May 02
15:06 2024
President and Founder of KINDHR Advocates for Kindness as a Core Organizational Value

In a business world often marked by competitiveness and pressure, Lindsay Mattes is championing a different approach: kindness. As President and Founder of KINDHR, Lindsay brings over 25 years of HR expertise to the table, promoting empathy, communication, and conflict resolution as key drivers of success.

Lindsay’s journey began with a bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies from the University of Utah, followed by a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University, where she specialized in Servant Leadership. These academic roots led to her groundbreaking thesis, “Mothers are the Original Servant Leaders,” which continues to influence her approach to leadership dynamics.

“Kindness is not just a nicety; it’s a powerful tool for creating inclusive, productive, and harmonious workplaces,” says Lindsay Mattes. “By focusing on empathy and communication, we can transform how organizations operate, leading to better outcomes for everyone involved.”

As a highly respected HR strategist, Lindsay holds both the SPHR and SHRM-SCP certifications and has graced notable platforms like TedX, where she discusses the impact of kindness on a global stage. She has also served in key roles with organizations like SLSHRM and Utah SHRM, emphasizing her commitment to advancing the HR profession.

In October 2023, Lindsay Mattes joined the Forbes Council panel discussion as one of 13 expert participants. During the event, she shared insights on a variety of topics, emphasizing the critical intersection of mental health and entrepreneurship. Lindsay also discussed the unique strengths women bring to business and the challenges they face in today’s professional landscape. Additionally, she highlighted the impact of mentorship and addressed the complexities of achieving work-life balance. Her contributions provided valuable perspectives on navigating the modern business world while prioritizing mental well-being and fostering inclusive environments. Watch this video to learn more.

Beyond her corporate work, Lindsay is also dedicated to the arts, serving as Board Vice President for Repertory Dance Theatre (RDT), demonstrating her commitment to supporting the community.

With KINDHR, Lindsay aims to bring her vision of a kinder workplace to a broader audience. Her book emphasizes the power of kindness in business and provides practical tools for organizations to create positive workplace cultures.


KINDHR is a boutique HR firm founded by Lindsay Mattes, to partner with forward thinking professionals looking to develop a kinder, healthier, and more successful workplace.  Through coaching, leadership development, and educational resources, the company’s goal is to help organizations create cultures of kindness, fostering employee well-being and collaboration.

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