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Automotive Tailgate Automation: ZHAOWEI Launches Smart Electric Tailgate Actuator

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Automotive Tailgate Automation: ZHAOWEI Launches Smart Electric Tailgate Actuator

May 02
13:40 2024

Automotive Tailgate Automation: ZHAOWEI Launches Smart Electric Tailgate Actuator

With the rapid advancement of automotive technology, the operation of car tailgates has evolved towards automatic opening and closing controlled by remote car keys. Days when people approach their car with a full hand of goods, only to struggle with manual gate opening, are gone. The development of technology has also placed a higher demand on the inner drive system, requiring good flexibility, high torque, and large load capacities. In response to this demand, ZHAOWEI, one of China’s leading micro drive systems manufacturers, has recently launched its Smart Electric Tailgate Actuator.

Stable and Low-noise Operation to Improve Users’ Experience

During the automatic operation process of the car tailgate, stable and low-noise operation of the tailgate can not only reduce the risks caused by the malfunction but also improve users’ experience. Taking these issues into account, ZHAOWEI’s Electric Tailgate Actuator adopts a compact structure with two core shafts. The threaded spindle performs linear drive under the joint force of the main shaft drive system’s push rod motor and tailgate gearbox. The threading spindle fixed on the inner side of the outer tube drives the spreader bars to stretch out and draw back, thereby opening and closing the tailgate stably.

Multiple Types of High-performance Tailgate Motor Available

Moreover, having been committed to the field of micro-drive, ZHAOWEI has established a mature and comprehensive platform for tailgate actuators, offering a variety of motor models for customers. The basic type of tailgate gear motor features high starting torque, stable output, long lifespan and low noise, thus providing large and stable lifting torque for tailgate operation.

As the car tailgate develops rapidly in the field of automation, with the commitment to create a smarter and better life for people, ZHAOWEI will keep following the development trend to provide strong drive system and smart solutions tailored to improve user experiences.

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