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The Captivating New Podcast Produced by Kids for Kids, Proudly Billed as “Brain Broccoli, not Brain Candy!”

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The Captivating New Podcast Produced by Kids for Kids, Proudly Billed as “Brain Broccoli, not Brain Candy!”

April 30
21:08 2024

New York, NY – Apr 30, 2024 – Introducing “Wild Interest,” a pioneering new podcast created entirely by kids, for kids. This unique audio adventure invites curious young listeners aged 8-12 to explore diverse experiences, with original, engaging content that fosters empathy, cultivates emotional intelligence, and sparks the imagination. “Wild Interest” stands out as a refreshingly captivating alternative to today’s typical children’s entertainment.

“Wild Interest” is created and hosted by two enthusiastic siblings, tween Nichole and her plucky younger brother Evan. In each engaging episode, they interview guests and share personal stories that expose listeners to new perspectives and interests. “Wild Interest” foregrounds the deep natural curiosity and wonder of childhood, with segments ranging from inspirational, to educational, to laugh-out-loud funny. From science experiments to cultural traditions, no topic is off-limits as long as it sparks joy, wonder, and compassionate understanding across backgrounds.

“Wild Interest” believes audio storytelling has a profound power to nurture young minds. By allowing kids and tweens to be the storytellers and guides, the show brings forward their inherent curiosity and provides a space for active listening that fuels empathy and imagination. 

“What makes us different is that we emphasize positive emotions like joy and curiosity,” said Nichole. “Our music is calm, and our segments are thoughtful. We want to leave kids feeling recharged instead of overstimulated.” Her brother Evan added “Our podcast is actually good for you! It’s “brain broccoli,” not “brain candy.”

Since its launch in February 2024, “Wild Interest” has garnered praise from parents and educators alike for its engaging and educational content. “My daughter has become more inquisitive and eager to learn about different cultures since listening to ‘Wild Interest,'” shared one parent. “The podcast has opened her eyes to the joys and curiosities we all share, regardless of our backgrounds.”

“As a parent, I love that ‘Wild Interest’ engages my son’s imagination without the passive overconsumption of videos,” another parent remarked. “The audio storytelling nurtures his curiosity and lets his mind actively visualize the diverse experiences shared. He feels calm and energized after listening, not wired like from too much screen time.”

With new episodes released monthly, “Wild Interest” promises to captivate young minds with its unique blend of entertainment, education, and music. Parents who find themselves searching for “family podcast for kids, podcast for kids about animals, best kids podcasts, tween podcasts, best podcast for car trips,” or even “mystery kids podcasts” are encouraged to tune in and join the “Wild Interest” adventure.

For more information about “Wild Interest” or to listen to the latest episodes, please visit or subscribe on your favorite podcast platform.

About “Wild Interest”

Created and hosted entirely by kids, each episode is unique. The topics change each month: Our hosts and contributors let their curiosity guide them. What’s a leap year? How do refrigerators work? What’s it like to play in the NFL? Where did the wild parrots in Brooklyn’s Greenwood Cemetery come from? What’s up with Bigfoot? Experts are interviewed, primary sources are checked, cross-checked, and fact-checked, original music is composed, sounds are captured, and an episode is born.

Wild Interest celebrates the wisdom, curiosity, and insight of children and provides a platform for kids to learn, share, and create together. While adults assist with the technical details, the show is entirely kid-created.

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