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Li Delong, a Chinese practitioner who understands garbage classification better, appears on the NASDAQ screen in the United States

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Li Delong, a Chinese practitioner who understands garbage classification better, appears on the NASDAQ screen in the United States

April 27
00:28 2024

On April 20, 2024, Chinese activist Li Delong was invited to land on the NASDAQ screen in New York, USA. At the world’s top crossroads, he used global media as a platform to shout to the world: If garbage classification is strong, then a country will be strong! This is the first Chinese practitioner to loudly convey the voice of China’s green waste classification industry on a global platform, while proving their original intention, strength, and pattern to the world.

Times Square is located in the bustling area of Manhattan, New York, USA. Dozens of shopping and entertainment centers, as well as financial centers, gather here, with a constant flow of people, known as the “world’s number one crossroads”. It is reported that Times Square in New York attracts 480000 visitors every day, with an international tourist ratio of up to 17%. The Nasdaq screen outside the NASDAQ exchange has always been a battleground for the top 100 merchants to compete for strength, and for tourism organizations from various countries to compete and attract potential tourists. Today, Li Delong stands at the height of the world with the Chinese voice of “garbage classification is strong, the country is strong”. This is not only his personal action, but also plays a driving role in the development of the country, nation, industry, and industry!

Li Delong, at the age of 19, has been working in the field of garbage classification for 30 years since the beginning of waste recycling in Beijing at the end of 1989. Li Delong, who has been deeply cultivating for 30 years, has gone from being the first to collect waste along the streets, to opening waste recycling stations, and then establishing a limited company for material recycling. Li Delong’s understanding of garbage classification has become increasingly profound, and in his words, “he has seen the huge potential for ecological development of garbage classification.”. So, with the simple mission of “helping our country build a good garbage classification system as soon as possible without spending money”, we resolutely adopted a Chinese heart to practice, influence, drive, and call on more people and social groups to join in garbage classification. This indeed presents a milestone significance for garbage classification.

The urbanization rate of the country is positively correlated with the per capita garbage production. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the level of urbanization in China has significantly improved in recent years. From 2001 to 2022, the urbanization rate in China increased from 38% to 65%, and the urban population increased from 481 million to 921 million. The increasing urban population is driving an increase in the total output of urban waste.

However, due to the late development of urban waste treatment in China, the contradiction between the rapidly growing demand for urban waste treatment and the capacity for waste treatment has long existed, and the capacity for urban waste treatment urgently needs to be improved. The direction that Li Delong leads the team to strive for is to do a good job in garbage classification, to do a good job in garbage classification platforms, that is, to do a good job in ecological civilization advocated by Xi Jinping. The so-called goodness is the ultimate, bringing benefits to the people

To achieve tangible improvement in daily life and make qualitative improvements to the environment and development. For the better construction of China’s garbage classification system, Li Delong also summarized four advantages: specialized, small, special, and refined. The so-called specialization is specialization. In terms of garbage classification, Li Delong and his team are the most professional and dedicated cultivators. The so-called “small” refers to small people. Many waste recyclers and practitioners in the garbage sorting industry have inherited their careers, and some even have a family that works in this industry, so they can understand and do it clearly. The so-called uniqueness refers to the characteristics and highlights. In Li Delong’s words, we can not only understand the task of garbage classification, but also do it beautifully, with characteristics and highlights, keeping up with the times. The so-called precision refers to refined operation, systematic management, and the refinement from recycling to raw material reshaping. This comprehensive and profound understanding is unmatched by others.

But what Li Delong needs to do more is to make the garbage classification platform not only a form of garbage classification, but also a form of enterprise to serve China’s 1.4 billion people. At the same time, he should guide more than 10 million garbage classification practitioners in China, make idle personnel organized, let scattered soldiers form teams, and truly stand up for China’s ecological civilization. While changing the living conditions of the Chinese people, he should also rewrite the low and weak social image of the grassroots practitioners in Chinese cities. Enable the implementation of green development in the industry. At the height of serving the country through industry, the destiny of the country lies on our shoulders.

In the future, Li Delong will continue to forge ahead, adhering to the concept of “garbage classification is strong, the country is strong”, building a new garbage classification ecosystem, and walking out of a new paradigm of garbage classification. Representing the highest operational level of garbage classification in China, Li Delong has played the drums of charge, and there are infinite possibilities in the future.

Li Delong, who has been adhering to integrity and innovation for thirty years, has landed on NASDAQ today, demonstrating to the world the craftsmanship and mission of Chinese entrepreneurs in the field of garbage classification. The world is currently experiencing unprecedented changes, and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is at a critical period of rolling stones. Faced with more glorious missions, more arduous tasks, and more severe challenges, Li Delong, as a Chinese entrepreneur, entrepreneur, and practitioner, wholeheartedly pays attention and advances with the country. He perseveres in his dreams and missions, and will continue to achieve new results and create new historical achievements.

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