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OKAO Inc. Announces Their New Restaurant Recommendation Service, Resactly – The Future of Dining

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OKAO Inc. Announces Their New Restaurant Recommendation Service, Resactly – The Future of Dining

March 26
01:12 2024
OKAO Inc. proudly introduces Resactly, a cutting-edge restaurant recommendation service that harnesses the power of AI to revolutionize the dining experience. Designed with the discerning palate in mind, Resactly goes beyond conventional review-based platforms by employing advanced algorithms to analyze individual taste preferences. By actively learning from customer feedback, Resactly delivers personalized dining suggestions, a curated selection of culinary delights and hidden gems.

New York, United States – Today, dining out has become a means to satiate hunger, explore culinary diversity, and pursue unique experiences. Diners are, however, increasingly faced with the paradox of choice. With thousands of eateries spanning many cuisines, atmospheres, and price points, making a dining decision can often feel overwhelming, leading to decision fatigue. However, this is set to change with the introduction of Resactly.

OKAO Inc. has created a platform combining culinary expertise and technology to enhance food experiences. This pioneering platform in the culinary space has introduced a groundbreaking feature leveraging Artificial Intelligence to transform how individuals discover and select restaurants. According to the company, this new service is a leap towards a personalized dining journey. By analyzing user preferences, past dining experiences, and real-time data, Resactly will offer tailored recommendations that align with each user’s distinct palate, dining history, and preferences.

Unlike traditional search engines or review platforms that rely on generic filters or community feedback, Resactly’s AI will understand individual preferences at a granular level. Whether it’s a hidden gem in the city, a new menu item matching a user’s flavor profile, or a quiet spot for business meetings, the brains behind Resactly say it will ensure each recommendation reflects the user’s tastes and needs.

“At Resactly, we’re revolutionizing the dining experience with extreme personalization,” Says Fisayo Oluwadiya, the CEO of OKAO Inc., the creator of Resactly. Our AI/ML platform crafts unique dining profiles for each user, recommending restaurants and dishes tailored to their tastes, dietary restrictions, allergies, and preferences. It’s not just about eating; it’s about discovering meals perfectly suited for you,” she adds.

As Resactly continues to pioneer personalized dining experiences, the future of restaurant discovery looks promising. The platform invites all food enthusiasts and restaurants to join this culinary revolution and explore the world of dining like never before.

About Resactly:

Resactly comes from the innovative company OKAO Inc., the brainchild of 16-year technology veteran Fisayo Oluwadiya. Combining her love for dining and technology, she proudly presents this new restaurant recommendation service that leverages artificial intelligence to personalize dining experiences. 

Moving beyond generic reviews and popularity metrics, Resactly employs a sophisticated AI model to understand unique taste preferences. This ensures the discovery of hidden gems that align with individual palates and preferences, transforming restaurant discovery into the future.

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