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Creative Biolabs Extends OV Solution to Cover Oncolytic Herpes Simplex Virus

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Creative Biolabs Extends OV Solution to Cover Oncolytic Herpes Simplex Virus

March 20
15:04 2024
Creative Biolabs expands its oncolytic virotherapy (OV) service capabilities to improve herpes simplex viral vector discovery.

New York, USA – March 20, 2024 – Amid the increasing research interests in oncolytic herpes simplex virus (HSV) as cancer therapy, Creative Biolabs updated relevant solutions and announced last week about the pitch.

“Thanks to the breakdown of the DNA technical barrier, utilizing oncolytic virotherapy to treat cancer ushers in an era of steadfast improvement, thus increasing the requests for discovering potent oncolytic viral vectors,” according to a scientist at the OncoVirapy™ department, Creative Biolabs.

Creative Biolabs helps to produce oncolytic viruses of a variety of types for widespread research goals in a systematized manner that comprises OV construction, engineering, validation, and disease-specific oncolytic virotherapy development.

“It seems that the balance tilts towards the oncolytic herpes simplex virus lately,” added the scientist, “as I noticed from the submitted inquiries. Creative Biolabs caters to both the needs of off-the-shelf HSV reagents and customized HSV development.”

One of the key areas of expertise at Creative Biolabs lies in the research and development of the oncolytic herpes simplex virus. The team adopts state-of-the-art viral vector construction technology and current bioinformatics resources to design and construct HSV vectors and provide virus production, purification, and quality verification services, specifically covering:

* GOI cloning (e.g., antibody, bispecific antibody, cytokine, chemokine, shRNA, or gRNA) and confirmation through restriction mapping and sequencing verification

* Functional validation of transgenes

* Expression cassette design with the most appropriate promoter to guarantee high-level expression

* Viral gene engineering (single gene or different gene combination)

* Different construction strategies (homologous recombination, BAC system, etc.)

* HSV amplification, purification, and titering services

* HSV whole genome sequencing (WGS) service

In a move to streamline research efforts, Creative Biolabs provides pre-made oncolytic herpes simplex viruses, which are function-validated, customizable, and competitive in price, meanwhile ensuring seamless integration into their projects and accelerating the pace of discoveries in oncolytic virus therapy. Some of the stars include DsRed-encoding HSV, GFP-encoding HSV, and luciferase-encoding HSV.

Creative Biolabs invites researchers, scientists, and pharmaceutical professionals to explore their comprehensive oncolytic virus services. By combining expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and a commitment to advancing oncology research, Creative Biolabs continues to be a driving force in the quest for effective cancer treatments.

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Creative Biolabs stands at the forefront of oncolytic virus therapy development, offering a comprehensive range of services that empower researchers to explore novel avenues in cancer treatment. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and collaborative partnerships, Creative Biolabs remains dedicated to driving progress in the fight against cancer.

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