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Bosmora Introduces N-SED: A Powerful, Innovative Solution for Joint Health, Inflammation Support, and Post-Workout Recovery

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Bosmora Introduces N-SED: A Powerful, Innovative Solution for Joint Health, Inflammation Support, and Post-Workout Recovery

March 18
17:15 2024

Bosmora, a company dedicated to developing effective and innovative wellness solutions, announced the launch of N-SED today, a revolutionary all-natural formula designed to support joint health, manage inflammation, and promote optimal post-workout recovery.

N-SED harnesses the power of three key, scientifically studied botanical extracts:

Devil’s Claw Extract: Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, this extract is believed to help manage discomfort associated with exercise and everyday activities.

Curcumin Extract: This potent extract from the turmeric root boasts research-backed benefits in reducing inflammation and supporting healthy joints.

Boswellia Serrata Extract: Published studies demonstrate the benefits of this extract from the Boswellia tree have on inflammation, joint health, and mobility.

Bosmora’s unique formulation ensures:

Greater potency compared to raw herbs: By concentrating the active components of each ingredient, N-SED delivers a more effective dose in a smaller serving.

Enhanced precision in dosing: Extracts allow for more precise measurement of the active ingredients, leading to a more consistent and predictable experience.

“When I was in Pharmacy School, I formulated N-SED to bridge the gap between supplements and pharmaceuticals,” said Tahya Aung Khin at Bosmora. “N-SED offers a safe alternative to potentially harmful pharmaceuticals and their side effects,  whether you’re an athlete seeking faster recovery or someone managing everyday joint discomfort.”

Key benefits of N-SED by Bosmora:

Supports Joint Health and Mobility: N-SED by Bosmora goes beyond just taking supplements; it aims to provide comprehensive long-term support for healthy joints and improved mobility.

Combats Inflammation: The formula targets the root cause of the discomfort, offering full-spectrum support against multiple inflammation cascades associated with acute pain, chronic pain, and exercise.

Promotes Post-Workout Recovery: N-SED by Bosmora helps the body’s natural recovery process after exercise, reducing discomfort and promoting improved recovery times.

Safe and Effective Alternative: Unlike pharmaceuticals, N-SED provides a natural solution with minimal side effects.

Saves Money: Instead of buying multiple supplement bottles with varying dosages, the ingredients in N-SED by Bosmora are formulated to provide the optimum dosing supported by research. Thereby achieving beneficial levels for maximum benefits.

N-SED is available for direct purchase online at

For more details, contact Bosmora at 480-499-0079 or email [email protected]

About Bosmora

Bosmora is dedicated to developing innovative and effective self-care and natural wellness solutions. Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve optimal health and well-being through the integration of complementary health therapies to achieve evidence-based results. Bosmora is committed to using quality sourcing throughout its entire supply chain.

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