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Building a Dream Ark for Chinese Students Aiming for the UK Rex Yuanwang Wang was selected as one of the “2023 Forbes China – 100 Outstanding Overseas Returnees”

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Building a Dream Ark for Chinese Students Aiming for the UK Rex Yuanwang Wang was selected as one of the “2023 Forbes China – 100 Outstanding Overseas Returnees”

March 13
21:04 2024

Recently, the “2023 Forbes China – 100 Outstanding Overseas Returnees” initiated by Forbes China and Fosmos Global was announced. Rex Yuanwang Wang, founder of Starlight Education, was successfully selected for the list of “Outstanding Overseas Returnees · Growth Force 75”.

In any magnificent work, courage is merely one of the themes of the entire storyline. Only to always keep the boldness to overcome difficulties, is the background tune of the great voyage of wealth. From an outstanding scholar returning from overseas to a new entrepreneur, Rex takes the education brand “Starlight” as his ark, and the professional services of himself and his team as the paddles, and sails in the starry sea of agencies for UK universities and the international education market.

Outstanding Overseas Scholar

Education entrepreneurial dream nurtured by Cambridge

Rex is not a born genius, either in school or in business, but he has achieved results comparable to those talented.

His parents graduated from famous universitiess in China, and under the cultivation of an academically-oriented family, Rex’s desire for knowledge and practical abilities developed from a young age, and his academic performance naturally “won at the starting line”. During his junior and senior high school years, Rex studied at The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, surrounded by top candidates for the Chinese college entrance examination “Gaokao”, and his grades have always been at the forefront of the year group. But being a top student is not easy – during that time he rarely socialized with his peers, not to mention the weekend leisure. All his time was spent in tutorial classes.

If the story had gone on like this, it would have seemed that taking the college entrance examination and then entering Tsinghua University or Peking University would have been Rex’s destination. But instead of choosing the “Gaokao” path, he transferred to the International Curriculum Center (ICC) of The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China. “I am becoming less and less interested in test-based education, and the scores don’t mean much to me. I want to improve my transferable capabilities.”

Through studying A-level courses at the International Curriculum Center (ICC) and self-studying five AP (American Pre-College) courses in different subjects, Rex successfully obtained offers from University of Cambridge, The University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Duke University and many other prestigious schools, and became a recipient of multiple scholarships, such as the Cambridge Overseas Trust, Educational Testing Service, the Mizuho Foundation in Japan. He has achieved a grand slam in both the UK and US university application systems.

Time may have already written the footnote. In 2012, Rex decided to travel abroad to study at Cambridge. He did not choose to study the STEM subjects that studied in high school, but instead pursued an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree in Politics, Psychology and Sociology at the University of Cambridge. Besides his studies, he also served as president of the Cambridge University Chinese Undergraduate Society, worked in the College Development Office during Easter break, and acted as an advisor for many aspriting Chinese students. Perhaps it was during this time, after witnessing the stories of countless peers studying abroad, that Rex developed his dream of starting an educational business.

Great Transformation

From an investment banking elite to studyabroad tutor

After graduating from Cambridge, Rex first entered Deutsche Bank and an European boutique investment bank, mastering the skills of different departments such as investment banking, wealth management, etc., but this kind of superficial glamorous “investment banking elite” life did not bring him a sense of achievement. “The division of labor system of financial corporations is like an assembly line, repetitive and mechanical, far from bringing true excitement.”

After thorough consideration, Rex was determined to pursue the dream of education entrepreneurship in his heart, and in 2018 he returned to China on a bare-bones resignation and joined a larger education company as a business partner.

In 2020, Starlight Education was born, and Rex began to build “Xinghui International Education” (Chinese name) as a professional agency for applying to UK universities and as an international education brand. It is dedicated to researching and developing high-end international education products oriented to top universities in the Commonwealth countries, including but not limited to preparation courses for the written assessments and interviews of Oxford, Cambridge and other universities, as well as the application guidance and long-term planning to achieve those goals. The company also provide coaching for international curriculums and olympiads, academic research projects and summer camps.

With accumulated experience and numerous acquaintance in top universities worldwide, Rex invited many senior study-abroad consultants to join him. Most of these tutors have backgrounds in prestigious overseas institutions, and can bring cutting-edge academic abilities and an international perspective to the younger students. From 2020 onwards, Starlight Education has helped more than 100 Chinese students to successfully enter Oxford and Cambridge for undergraduate studies, becoming the leading company in the field of UK applications and academic tutoring. With years of relevant experience, Rex has also been nominated the head of educational affairs at the Oxford and Cambridge Club of Beijing (the official alumni organization), and has spoken at the Chinese Undergraduate Admissions Seminar organized by the The Cambridge University – Nanjing Centre of Technology and Innovation for three consecutive years. He has been referred to by students as “the strongest Chinese tutor with an Oxbridge background”.

Competitive Differentiation

Creating a compounding advantage within the study abroad market

Studying abroad is a highly advantageous investment, not only helping students obtain a degree of great value, but also to broaden their horizons in an unfamiliar environment. When founding Starlight Education, Rex has always believed in this mission: to turn his learned knowledge into a ark and accumulated experience into paddles, and escorting all young dreams along the voyage!

Like Joe Hisaishi said, “The person I am today should surpass the person I was yesterday.” Rex is constantly surpassing himself, and now his Starlight Education has set up offices in many cities across the country, not only developing niche professional courses covering subjects such as PPE, HSPS and Psychology, but also possessing rare resources in the market such as greater access to top UK secondary schools, teachers for the most challenging international competitions, and unique academic research programs. His team has aided around 50 students to 50 achieve offers from Oxford and Cambridge last year, and a few hundreds to the G5 group including Imperial College, London School of Economics and Political Sciences, and University College London.

With regard to the future, Rex is full of confidence. “British universities generally have shorter durations for degrees and relatively lower costs compared to the US, and the admissions standards are closer to those in China’s higher education system, so Chinese students can often better adapt to studying and living there.” He believes that overseas study is still a rigid demand for many middle-income Chinese families, and Starlight Education, which focuses on the UK and Commonwealth countries, has a natural advantage in this specific field.

This competitive differentiation has also allowed Starlight Education to successfully establish its roots. As Rex pointed out, “The original intention of founding the education business was not entirely to make money, but to uphold the principle of rigorous and conscientious work, and to earn a revenue worthy of parents’ expectations.” Nowadays, through social networks and word-of-mouth spreading, the teaching quality and tutoring outcome of Starlightl Education has been second to none among Chinese parents and students aspiring for the UK.

As a representative of elite returnees, Rex Yuanwang Wang has been successfully selected as one of the “2023 Forbes China – 100 Outstanding Overseas Returnees”, transitioning from achieving personal goals alone to benefiting the society he lives in. Rex is sailing towards the destination in his heart step by step through the full-speed vessel of Starlight Education.

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