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Unlock the Highest Potential: Introducing the PPM Method Online Course

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Unlock the Highest Potential: Introducing the PPM Method Online Course

February 08
23:48 2024

London, UK – February 8, 2024 – In a world characterized by constant disruption and uncertainty, the need for innovative decision-making strategies has never been more pressing. Recognizing this imperative, behavioural scientist, futurist, TEDx speaker, and author Chris Marshall announces the launch of the highly anticipated Pause Play Move (PPM) Method Online Course.

Developed with the aim of empowering entrepreneurs, business leaders, and decision makers to navigate life’s toughest decisions with confidence, the PPM Method Online Course offers a transformative approach to decision-making in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.

“At its core, the PPM Method is about awakening your highest potential,” explains Chris Marshall. “In an era marked by disruption, the ability to pause and cultivate playfulness becomes essential. These skills not only enhance decision-making but also foster resilience and creativity in the face of life’s challenges.”

The PPM Method Online Course is designed to provide accessible and practical tools for individuals seeking to thrive in an ever-changing world. By integrating cutting-edge neuroscience principles with actionable strategies, participants learn to harness the power of pause and playfulness in their decision-making processes.

Key features of the PPM Method Online Course include:

• Accessible On-Demand Learning: Participants can access the course anytime, anywhere, making it convenient for busy professionals to enhance their skills at their own pace and for only £89.99 GBP.

• Expert Guidance from Chris Marshall: As the creator of the PPM Method, Chris Marshall brings his extensive expertise in behavioural science and strategic foresight to guide participants through the course.

• Transformative Learning Experience: Through engaging content and interactive exercises, participants are equipped with practical tools to apply the PPM Method in both professional and personal contexts.

“The launch of the PPM Method Online Course marks a significant milestone in helping individuals to unlock their highest potential,” says Chris Marshall. “I’m thrilled to share this transformative method with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and decision makers around the globe.”

To learn more about the PPM Method and enroll in the Online Course, visit

For insights into Chris Marshall’s TEDx talk on decision-making and resilience, watch his inspiring talk:

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About Chris Marshall

Chris Marshall is a leading authority in behavioural science, strategic foresight, and decision-making. With a background in behavioural science and extensive experience as a TEDx speaker and author, Chris is passionate about empowering individuals to thrive in an ever-changing world. Learn more about Chris at

About the PPM Method

The Pause Play Move (PPM) Method is a revolutionary approach to decision-making developed by Chris Marshall. Rooted in cutting-edge neuroscience principles and practical strategies, the PPM Method empowers individuals to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and resilience. By integrating the power of pause and playfulness, the PPM Method unlocks new possibilities for personal and professional growth.

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