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January 29
17:12 2024

Ha Noi, Vietnam – January 29, 2024 – SUNHOUSE slow juicers are a leading brand of fruit juicers, equipped with advanced slow juicing technology from Germany. SUNHOUSE slow juicers products feature a simple and elegant design, suitable for modern kitchen spaces. With powerful performance, the juicer can extract juices from various fruits and vegetables such as oranges, lemons, apples, carrots, and broccoli, delivering rich and flavorful juices packed with nutrients.

Many families are seeking high-quality products to enhance their nutritional intake and overall health. Therefore, many families are seeking solutions to improve nutrition and overall health. SUNHOUSE’s juicers are perfect choices, providing a fresh source of energy every day.

The Challenge of Fibrous Vegetables Met with the Puremax Filtration Technology of the SUNHOUSE Slow Juicer. Highlighted is the advanced Puremax filtration technology. This intelligent slow juicing technology operates without generating heat, preserving vitamins and nutrients, resulting in exceptionally delicious juice thanks to:

  • Slow rotation at 55 revolutions per minute for thorough extraction, handling all types of fibrous fruits and vegetables.
  • Ultra-fine mesh size of 0.3-0.35mm.
  • Only 2% pulp content in the juice.
  • 3 times reduction in pulp compared to regular juicers, producing clear juice without sedimentation or separation.

Furthermore, SUNHOUSE juicers boast several other outstanding features:

  • Compact, elegant design suitable for individuals or small families, featuring modern colors.
  • Large feeding tube with a diameter of >80mm for faster juicing.
  • Durable copper motor for safe and smooth operation.
  • Powerful squeezing shaft with integrated sharp cutting blades.
  • Smart filter system to efficiently remove excess pulp, easy to clean.
  • Enjoy making fruit ice cream in just 5 minutes.

SUNHOUSE Slow Juicers Meet a Variety of Needs with Multiple Product Lines

To meet the diverse needs of customers, SUNHOUSE offers a range of slow juicer models suitable for various uses, from household to commercial. The products vary in power and size, color, integrating multiple convenient features to save time and effort for users. Moreover, the juicers come at affordable prices, catering to a diverse range of budgets.

Additionally, SUNHOUSE continually introduces new slow juicer models with unique designs and premium features to keep up with evolving consumer trends and demands. With such diversity in product lines, SUNHOUSE has solidified its leading position in the slow juicer market in Vietnam.

SUNHOUSE Slow Juicers are Trusted by Many Customers

According to surveys, thousands of customers who have purchased and used SUNHOUSE slow juicers are highly satisfied with the product quality. Many families share that SUNHOUSE juicers contribute to enhancing the nutritional content of their daily meals without requiring significant preparation time. Additionally, the juicers help save costs compared to buying store-bought juices every month.

With its numerous advantages and benefits, SUNHOUSE slow juicers are undoubtedly an indispensable product for modern families.

About is the official distributor of SUNHOUSE fruit juicer products in Vietnam. SUNHOUSE is committed to providing 100% genuine slow juicers at the most competitive prices in the market. The dedicated and professional advisory team is available to answer all inquiries and assist customers in selecting the right product. Visit to choose health for your family!

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